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Favre Shies Away From Sexting Allegations

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The Monday night showdown between the Vikings and the Jets was intense but things grew more intense at the postgame news conference when reporters and mediamen bombarded Brett Favre with personal questions.  The 41 year old quarterback thrown into the hot seat when reporters launched a series of questions regarding his alleged sexting scandal. The former Green Bay Packer star, however, shrugged off the questions and moved back to talk about his team and the game.

Favre has been accused of forwarding indecent and sexually explicit messages and photos to three women which obviously caught media attention and fancy. Despite the exciting game last Monday, reporters insisted on talking about Favre’s sexting scandal.

Favre, however, refused to dignify questions saying “I said what I had to say, I am disappointed that we lost this football game. If you want to talk about football, I can’t say I’d love to talk about football. … But, once again, it is disappointing that we lost”.

Reports came out first at, a online sports site, in August. the Site posted naked pictures and sexually laden texts and voice mails that is allegedly from Favre and sent to sent to a model and former television host who worked for the New York Jets back in 2008

New York Jets spokesperson, Jesse Derris, told reporters that the team is fully cooperating with the investigation and have already given all the necessarily information regarding the incident to the National Football League authorities. In a separate interview, Derris told HLN’s Prime news that the team has no role in the allegations against Favre, who played with them for only one season and now plays for the Minnesota Vikings.

Favre, who has been married for 14 years, remained mum on the  matter. He refused to react or answer questions regarding the controversy he is involved in right now. When asked for a comment, he kept on bringing the conversation back to the game or his team on Monday. “I am embarrassed that we lost this football game,” he kept saying. “Let’s talk about Randy Moss’ touchdown catch. I’d love to do that. Or Percy Harvin. Does anybody want to ask about Percy?” he said to a reporter persistently bugging him with sexting scandal questions.

According to the sports website, after they exposed the scandal involving Favre and Jenn Sterger. A second and third woman came forward claiming to have had received similar texts and mails from Favre. Both women, with only pseudonyms to hide their identity, was said to be message therapists hired by the Jets back in 2008.

Derris had told reporters that the women were hired by team only for two days in their 2008 training camp but he declined to make clear whether these girls had any direct contact with Favre.

Brett Lorenzo Favre is a former Green Bay Packers quarterback. He led the team to a Super Bowl title in 1997.  He played with the New York Jets for one season in 2007. Favre signed with the Minnesota Vikings in August 2009, after returning from retirement for the second time.

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