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Fast Last Minute Halloween Costumes Ideas for Adults

October 31, 2010 by · 4 Comments 

So, it’s the weekend.  And it is not just any ordinary weekend, it is the weekend of Halloween!  We all know there are Halloween parties here and there and whoops! You still don’t have any costume!

Don’t worry, in our previous post, we promised to give you some last minute Halloween Costume Ideas that are simple to make 🙂

Here are a few ideas and this involves finding stuff in your own closet.

1.  Pregnant prom queen – find a gown and stuff a balloon or a small pillow in your tummy!  It would be nice if you have a tiara and a sash that says “Prom Queen”

2.  Runaway bride – just find any white dress.  Find a see through white cloth or a white fish net to cover half of your face.  Get a boquet of white flowers and make your make up a little bit messy like you have been crying all night.

3.  Despicable me minion – just dress up in short shorts and find a yellow shirt and tuck it inside the shorts.  It would be nice if you have suspenders.  It would be nice if you also have a yellow helmet but if not just wear dorky glasses.

4.  Dress like the 80s.  Just find a really colorful pair of shirt and jeans, don’t forget to wear leg warmers and have your ponytail on the side.

5.  NBA Basketball player – Just wear your normal jersey and bring a ball.

6. Surfer – wear your normal board shorts and bikini on top or rash guard for men.

7.  Anna Kornikova (or one of those hot tennis players) – Just wear a sporty skirt and a sports bra topped with a sun cap on your head and just bring a tennis racket.  A toy will do.

8. Dork or Nerd or Geek – just have a goofy dorky spectacles.  wear a polo and tuck it in your pants.  Just Google for pictures and follow them.

9.  Beauty Queen in bikini portion – Girls, this is your excuse to get hot and sexy wearing a bikini.  You will just need a crown and a sash saying “Miss Universe” or “Miss USA” and “Best in swim wear”

10.  Masquerade – just get pretty wearing a nice gown and bring that elegant mask if you have one.

11. Robber – wear all black and don’t forget the black bonnet.  Wear black stockings on your head if you are game.

12.  80s aerobics instructor – just wear a one piece swim suit, wear stockings, some leg warmers and you’re good to go 🙂

13. Chilean Miner – just get a helmet and a flashlight and wear a rain coat.

14.  Glee Club cheerios coach – just wear a matching jacket and a sporty jog shorts and if you had that blowhorn, that’s perfect.  This is actually one of the reasons why that Today Show Halloween Costumes 2010 is trending.  the hosts are wearing a lady gaga (fake) meat costume and the coach.

Here are some more Last Minute Halloween Costumes that are easy to set up.

There you go, hope you enjoyed our Last minute Halloween costume ideas for you to wear for this weekend.  Have any more ideas?  Please share on the comments below!  Have fun!

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4 Responses to “Fast Last Minute Halloween Costumes Ideas for Adults”
  1. Carrie55 says:

    Great ideas.. some very funny ones in here.. found some more DIY halloween costumes that are easy and cheap here:


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