Farmville Haunted House A Halloween Treat

The month of October is the most interesting month for young people who loves a little scare and wearing some funky costumes to party.  While every company right now is trying to think of how to roll their Halloween parties and Holloween themes, Farmville has their own special treat to everyone!

They just launched and made available a haunted house for everyone to build in Farmville town.  Some players already had a taste of the scary haunted mansion but due to a few glitches and bugs found by the creators of Farmville, they had to take it out first.

In the meantime, Farmville Haunted House is getting a few works done before they release it again.  They just wanted to make sure that the Farmville Haunted House is all at works before releasing it again.

Have you seen the Farmville Haunted House yet while playing?  Share with us what you think on the comments below!

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