Facebook Maker- MarK Zuckerberg Declared Youngest Billionaire by Forbes

As Forbes Magazine released its annual list of richest people in the world, a lot of new billionaires has been in the list. It includes the youngest self-made billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg. He is the co-founder of the famous social networking site Facebook. He has the net worth of 4 billion USD as his personal wealth and ranked #212 in the list. He is only 25 years old.

Zuckerberg serves as Facebook’s CEO. He co-founded the social networking site together with his Harvard classmates while they are still in school. Time magazine declared him as The World’s Most Influential People of 2008 under the category of Scientists & Thinkers. He launched Facebook from his Harvard dorm room on February 4, 2004. The idea for Facebook came from his days at Phillips Exeter Academy which, like most colleges and prep schools, had a long-standing tradition of publishing an annual student directory with headshot photos of all students, faculty and staff known as the “Facebook”. Once at college, Zuckerberg’s Facebook started off as just a “Harvard-thing”.

As of December 2009, Facebook has reached 350 million users.

4 thoughts on “Facebook Maker- MarK Zuckerberg Declared Youngest Billionaire by Forbes

  1. in the face of the 21century i think this generation should be happy that this begining in assuccesful way and the generation will be able to straigtly direct the lpanet in agood direction.my self too i wish to be afriend to that wise man and i will join him on my face book.God bless mark and all his plans in for this world.

  2. Mr.mark zuckerberg ,am 24 years old ,your one year ahead of me ,and my net worth is just 5000 dollas,now for me to hear my age mate competing with the entire planet earth ,it really restores alot of hope that also my life can change.in this 10 years old century pliz you our model example for all young people.and i promise with all my srenth that i try my level best to promote in all univecities in Afrca.working hand in hand with you mark the face book will move from 350 million people to 6000 millionpeople with in ashortest time.for with God all things are posible .

  3. Mr.mark remember that when the man of God ”king solomon” asked wisdom when God asked him to ask any thing he wanted. but the bible say that the wisdom he got gave him un imaginable wealth to the extent that there vever been any body under the sun that ever accumurated it.now to me your financial rise i think it is becouse of the wisdom,and it is posible that you can break the international fincial record.and get to the history of the world.am behind you and pliz recontact me on my email.mutasacharles@ymail.com ,and see how i can contribut to the successof face book in my continent Africa. mutasa chales is my face book adress.thank you mark.

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