Facebook Groups the Newest Hit

The Social network founder Mark Zuckerberg made a different kind of news while the hit movie dramatizing his life continued to make buzz around town. The movie may have painted a much darker portrait of him but Zuckerberg sure knew better to brush it all off and focus on much important things, like improving his Facebook empire. The recent improvement: Facebook Groups.

The newest feature enables user to categorize “friends”  base on common interest or shared purpose. Facebook groups allows user to hide certain information or posts from certain people, people they don’t want to share the information with.

Zuckerberg explained that the idea to create Facebook Groups came after he received a lot of feedbacks regarding the privacy problems of the ubiquitous social networking site.  “A lot of people talk about privacy problem on Facebook, but I think even more than that, it’s an annoying [others] problem,” said the 26 year old billionaire. “Facebook Groups is designed to solve the biggest problem in social networking,” he added. He also told the reporters that it is a core part of the Company’s belief that people own the information they post on the site.

As Facebook Groups hits the internet on Wednesday, analyst are expecting a shift in terms of how the social networking site will be use. According to Justin Shaffer,  GROUPS product manager, “We think this is really going to change fundamentally how you use Facebook today.”

Zuckerberg made a little revelation when he said that current Facebook allow users to create subsets of their friends on the running list feature. But only about 5 percent of Facebook’s 500 million have heard of it.  “Current Facebook lists are a solitary exercise. A user can create those lists, then can decide which ones will see certain posts, like photos or status updates. But creating groups is a more social exercise. When one user creates a group, all the other members get notified. They can choose to leave, but will more likely engage, and create lists of their own,” he said.

Facebook Group comes with an extended feature, “Group Chat”. Current Facebook supports one on one chat only but with Group Chat, conference chat or multiple chat is possible. The Group chat option  definitely makes communication and sharing of information easier. Group Chat is one of the most frequently requested feature by user.

Another useful tool  introduced was the  “Download Your Information”. This feature is helpful but poses a certain danger. Download Your Information feature allows to compress all the files they have posted and keeps it under user account Basically, the feature creates a zip file of all the user activities.   “This is all of your personal information and so you should take security seriously,” warned product manger David Recordon.

Launched back in February 2004, Facebook now has more than 500 million active users. The social network site has met with some controversy over the years. Pakistan, Syria, Vietnam, Iran, China, and North Korea has intermittently blocked the site. Some work places has also banned the site to keep employees from using the service while at work.

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