Eyebrows Raised For Chris Brown and Rihanna’s Recent Collaboration

It’s been 3 years since the controversial ‘Chris Brown beating Rihanna” news and now both of them will be together again. Not as a couple though but with a recent album collaboration.

The news started to go viral in the internet world when the pair intentionally leaked it via social networking site, Twitter. Rihanna’s recent track “Birthday Cake” will be featuring Brown’s vocals. Her producers in fact tweeted that this would truly rocked the world.

Indeed it rocked the world, as who would have thought that after all the beating up 3 years ago, these two singers will be joining each other again.

If we’re going to use poker games as a comparison, it would be like collaborating with your immortal texas holdem poker opponent wherein you would be risking a lot and more than ready to be treated badly once again.

Sorry for the lame comparison but it is really odd. It’s not that Rihanna should not forgive Chris Brown but with this collaboration , there is a possibility that their romance will have a its ‘Part 2′.

Brown is currently serving five years’ probation for brutally assaulting Rihanna three years ago on the eve of the Grammy Awards.

Rihanna’s decision would always be hers and no one can ever tell her what to do. If she’s going to be happy with it then be it.

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