Extreme Laptop Heat Can Cause ‘Toasted Skin Syndrome’; Study Showed

Majority of the people nowadays probably own a laptop. It is basically called ‘laptop’ as users place the computer in their lap as they use it. There has been a recent study from the Medical Journal of Pediatrics which has confirmed that prolonged exposure to the heat generated by this gadget could cause ‘Toasted Skin Syndrome’.

The most affected individual of this horrifying disease are those who are playing computer games that much in their laptop and those who are studying for long periods facing the gadget. It would result to permanent skin darkening which could somehow make you less attractive to the opposite sex. This would also leave your skin in a mottled, sponge-like state. According to the researchers, the effects were similar to those acquired due to prolong exposure to the heat of the sun.

Researchers are giving out pieces of advice to those who has been using their laptops for long periods to use a “heat shield” that would be placed between you and your laptop. It can be a carrying case, or a thick fabric that could just prevent the surface of the laptop that is heating to touch your skin. Better yet, using your laptop by not placing it in your lap would be the best thing to do.

Too much of everything is definitely not good. An over exposure to these gadgets surely has disadvantages. One should learn to have intervals of rest periods and work in order to prevent awful things to happen.

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