Ethan Stacy Murder Case Investigation Updates

Here are just some updates to the murder case of 4-year old Ethan Stacy of Utah who was reportedly missing last May 10, 2010 and found a day later dead. The parents Stephanie Sloop (mother) and Natanael Sloop (stepfather) of the boy are now being charged in court after the release of the probable cause of murder statement last Wednesday night.

Layton Police began searching for Ethan around midnight on Tuesday after the mother Stephanie called police and told them that her son had wandered away from the family’s apartment. Stephanie told police that her preschooler had walked out of the house five out of the past ten nights. Around 11 a.m. the next day, police began questioning Ethan’s parents due to inconsistent stories of the incident. By 5 p.m at about 5 miles away in Ogden Canyon, the police were seen carrying a blue bag out of the woods.

The statement said that Ethan was probably beaten to death until he died on the bathtub. Evidences showed the investigation team that Ethan Stacy was severely burned and bruised despite the claims of Nathaniel Sloop that Ethan’s injuries were self-inflicted before he died. Police have accused the couple of burying the body near Powder Mountain Resort found Tuesday buried in a shallow grave.

The mother on the other hand is starting to speak up in witness to what his son has suffered. According to Stephanie Sloop, Ethan Stacy had suffered serious burns on both of his fee and on the back of his legs up to his buttocks area. She told authorities that Nathanael Sloop said he left the four-year-old in the bathroom and while he was gone, Ethan turned the hot water on, severely burning himself. Stephanie Sloop told authorities that she did not believe that Ethan had burned himself and said that she believed Nathanael burned Ethan intentionally. Stephanie Sloop also told authorities that she found human feces inside of Ethan’s mouth.

One thing authorities did not find pleasing about her testimony was that she did not seek medical attention for Ethan, she did not contact authorities, and she did not get help. Statements of the parents were questionable and inconsistent from the start. And now, Ethan’s mother Stephanie Sloop, 27, is facing charges of felony child abuse, obstruction of justice, and desecration of a corpse. The young boy’s stepfather, 31-year-old Nathan Sloop, is facing charges of aggravated homicide, felony child abuse, and obstruction of justice.

2 thoughts on “Ethan Stacy Murder Case Investigation Updates

  1. It is my belief that this poor, precious child was killed out of anger towards the bio. father. In other words, this scum of a mother and deranged step-father, killed this child to somehow “get back” at Ethan’s dad. It’s shameful that this child had to pay the price with his life due to adult bullshit.

  2. My heart absolutely broke over this. That poor little precious baby. We are so doomed as a society for allowing this sort of thing to happen. May God forgive us, but I am thinking that the forgiveness has just run out.


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