Erykah Badu Slapped with $500 Fine and Probation

Here is the moral lesson for Erykah Badu (and probably every other celebrity wannabe thinking of then next headline-grabbing stunt), whatever your self-serving reasons are you do not strip naked at a tourist attraction be it in a big city or even in a small, unknown town that could also benefit from the publicity unless you want to be fined, put on probation or worse, sent directly to jail.

I think even without me having to say it, Erykah Badu probably already got the message after having been slapped with a $500 fine and a 6-month probation for her “disorderly conduct”.

She was found guilty of the charge, despite pleading not guilty, after a female witness complained to cops that Badu performed a full strip-tease in front of the stunned public as she walked along while singing at the Dealey Plaza.  

Dealey Plaza is a tourist hotspot in Dallas, Texas because this is where former US president John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

The strip-tease took place in March and was filmed as part of her “Window Seat” promo.

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