Erykah Badu Faces Charges for Stripping

Eryka Badu’s music video of her song “Window Seat” has been creating buzz lately. In her video, she stripped while walking along Dealy Plaza and after she reached the same spot where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, she was also shot. The said music video was shot “guerrilla style” and was done without a crew and in a single take on March 17.

The music video gained her a disorderly conduct citation. The Dallas police wanted to press charges that day but there were no complaints filed that day. During that take there were children present. A citation of misdemeanor disorderly conduct will be suited for her.

“One witness did come forward yesterday, thus leading to the charges filed today,” a statement from Dallas Police said Friday. If Badu would be proven guilty for this, she would be fined $500.

“After much discussion, it has been determined that this charge best fits her conduct when she disrobed in a public place without disregard [sic] to other individuals and children who were in close proximity,” the police statement said

Badu could contest this allegation in the court or simply pay the fine. She didn’t give any reaction to this charge nor any of her representative. She just tweeted in her twitter account this statement, “there were children there. i prayed they wouldnt b traumatized.”

One thought on “Erykah Badu Faces Charges for Stripping

  1. She wants more publicity,but still she was disgusting.This type of behavior,don’t
    even speak as a form of artistry.What kind of person she is?

    When i saw this video,i was very shocked.$500.00 is not enough to punished nasty
    behavior.What message is she trying to sent to our younger generation?

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