Erik Dalton: Erik Dalton Guitar Information and Identity

Curiosity has been rising among internet users on who’s behind the name Erik Dalton and his guitar. Maybe I’m one of those curious people and here’s what I found out. The results are somewhat confusing and honestly I really don’t know which site is saying the truth. The name Erik Dalton has been linked to a guitar man who has been playing his guitar when he was still 16 years old. That was 1979 then, so most probably he is already 37 years old right now. Accordingly, Eric is a father of four and married since 1983. His true identity is still vague.

Another intriguing news about his identity is a comment saying that the episode of CSI last April 29 has featured a man named Erik Dalton who was a top rocker and was suspected of murder. The show also high lighted a cherry 1956 guitar as the murder weapon. To CSI fans, please confirm this one. because I haven’t followed CSI lately.

If anyone knows his true identity, please feel free to share it here.

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