EPPICard: The unsafe and unsecure way to access your payments

Just recently, EPPICard grabbed the headlines of various news sites across the globe. It’s also a trending topic in major search engines and social networks. What the hell is EPPICard and why are people searching for it?

An EPPICard is similar to a Debit Card an ATM card and is used by many state and local agencies to distribute unemployment benefits and other social welfare payments. To keep it simple, it’s a Prepaid debit card with consumer safety in mind. If you go to eppicard.com and select the state you live in, it will give you detailed information about EPPICard, because their information and terms vary state by state.

So why people are searching for EPPICard? It’s because of the known scams and poor service delivered by EPPICard to its customers.

Many EPPICard customers are complaining about the extremely below mediocre service that EPPICard provides. One of the thousand complaints said that it was the “worst consumer card agency”. You can read the complaint below:

This is the worst consumer card agency I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with! My first issue with this company is that card users can only access their accounts while using Internet Explorer. It took me several WEEKS to get someone who speaks broken English to tell me I can’t use Firefox to access my account. Secondly, they make sure you have NO email address or physical address at which to contact them. THE ONLY WAY TO CONTACT THE COMPANY IS BY PHONE! After waiting on hold for more than ten minutes each time I call and I finally have a human being on the phone I had to ask him to repeat himself several times because I couldn’t understand his foreign accent.

It is incredibly exhausting, frustrating and impossible to explain to someone who barely understands English that money was erroneously deducted from my account, not once but TWICE. Furthermore, the information that the “Customer Service Representative” is seeing on his/her screen is different from what is on your screen even though you are both accessing the same account! A deduction of $235.89 was erroneously deducted from my account TWICE and the Eppicard representative has no record of it even though I am staring at my account statement that can ONLY be accessed through their website! This company has no idea what customer service is! In reality, we, the card-users are not their customers… the state agencies who hire them are the real customers. I sure hope they get better treatment than we do! And what really bites about this situation is that the card-user has no choice in the matter.

More and more EPPICard users were scammed by EPPICard, so if I were you, you should stay away from this company.

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