Elizabeth Hurley Bikini Wax Ad Received Flak

Elizabeth Hurley, once declared to be possessing the most perfectly symmetrical face, is now drawing flak for the tongue-in-cheek lines she uttered for an advertisement for bikini wax.

Actually, it was an ad for Groupon, where Liz boldly declared she got 50% off the cost of her bikini wax. Seemingly harmless, right?

Well, what really caused the Twitter brouhaha is other line in the advertisement wherein Liz proudly announced that “not all deforestation is bad!” …before revealing that she saved 50% on her Brazilian wax because of a Groupon discount.

This had viewers and Twitter fanatics lashing out at Elizabeth Hurley for mocking environmental issues in her newest commercial.

Angry viewers and Twitter posters claim Hurley’s clip (and quip?) makes light of serious environmental matters.

Seriously people… can’t you recognize a figure of speech even if it hits you right smack on the face? Clearly, the ad had nothing to do with environmental concerns, and the word “deforestation” as used by Hurley in the clip was not referring to forests or trees in the same manner that “deflowering” is in no way referring to cut-flowers. Would you rather have her say, “not all hair removal is bad”? Where is the artistic punch in that?

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