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Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement Now Official

October 18, 2015 by · 10 Comments 

Nine months after slamming his Cadillac into a fire hydrant that led to a series of scandalous revelations on his infidelities, Tiger Woods has finalized a divorce settlement with Elin Nordegren. They were married for close to six years.

The former couple will continue to share parental responsibilities for the children, three-year-old Sam Alexis and 19-month-old Charlie Axel. Terms of the settlement were undisclosed but the estimated value that Elin is set to receive is pegged at nine-digits. In return, Elin has signed on a non-disclosure agreement so as not to further damage Woods’ reputation and marketability as an endorser. This seems not a bad deal since Elin gets to benefit from Woods’ endorsements as well.

Now that their divorce is official, PGA world number one Tiger Woods can focus on getting back to the game where he was feared most. Woods has not won any majors since the scandal on his extramarital affairs broke out. A Tiger Woods comeback by way of another major title may be good for the game and good for the sporting world as a whole.

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10 Responses to “Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement Now Official”
  1. Carmen says:

    Tiger Woods committed the ultimate betrayal, deception and humiliation against Elin Nordegren and their children. A wife does not get over such ordeal in a short period of time. I think that Elin Nordegren is a woman with class, dignity and self respect and she would have never stay with a man like Tiger Woods, whom she may not respect and trust anymore. Tiger Woods seems to be a troubled man with serious character and emotional issues that appears to be long standing. Elin seems to know that the emotional demands of staying married to Tiger Woods would have been very high and not worth it. Elin has a big responsibility to herself and her two small children. I commend Elin for her wise decision, for being a caring and loving mother and for her great courage, dignity and class during this horrid time in her life. I wish them all the best!!!

    • Jeff says:

      Tiger Woods for sure is a troubled man and with many demons following him.It is however very devastating to be deserted by someone who must be so close to help him during the healing process and him find his feet.The woman is heartless.Is it all about cash?

    • Jeff says:

      Tiger Woods for sure is a troubled man and with many demons following him.It is however very devastating to be deserted by someone who must be so close to help him during the healing process and assist him find his feet.The woman is heartless.Is it all about cash?

    • Omar Mercado says:

      Thank you for your comments. I have seen your comments on SNC as well.

    • GT says:

      The biggest question in this situation is how Tiger Woods got with this european blonde in the first place. 1st and foremost the whole wide world knows that Europeans hate black people, second she was just a nanny for a swedish golf player who then introduced her to Tiger, she would never be with Tiger if he was broke because he’s black. She was in it to win it from the start, gold digger simple and plain, not heart broken but relieved period..

  2. Dedtria says:

    I have a hard time believing she ever loved Tiger Woods to begin with, she was in it for the money and saw a way out. When he needed her the most, she did abandon him and take him for everything she could. She is more than heartless, she’s a gold digger.

    • Frank says:


    • hlk says:

      RE: Dedtria.

      Get a life. Sounds like your ex shafted you too. When he needed her the most, she abandoned him. Give me a break. He $%#@-ed over 15 women while he was married to a babe who was home pregnant with his child. OH my god, do you listen to your self. I’m a guy and Tigers a dick head. That makes you one too….

  3. Kelly says:

    Gold digger? Heartless? PLEASE. Who in their right mind would expect her to feel sorry for him when he supposedly “needed her the most?” Who needed someone more, him or her? The answer is obvious. SHE needed someone more than he did after she had to find out about his serial extra-martial affairs on TV and in the tabloids. If he had problems, any respectful GENTLEMEN would have went to his wife before going to other women! I am sorry, but I do not feel sorry for Tiger in the least. And I am appalled that Tiger only CARED about HIS OWN REPUTATION and NOT what HE DID to HIS WIFE AND HIS CHILDREN. It was all ABOUT HIM and it still is ALL ABOUT HIM.

    That’s okay, TIGER, we don’t need to know all the sordid and sickening details about what you did. Just save yourself, TIGER (again) by trying to make us all think you are someone you are not. If you were a REAL GENTLEMEN, YOU WOULD BE THE ONE TELLING THE WORLD HOW HORRIBLE YOU HAVE BEEN. I AM UTTERLY ASHAMED OF YOU!

  4. San says:

    Which other golfer or any other player or any rich man does not enjoy the intimacy of anyone other than their wives?
    None literally, but their marriage stays.
    Tiger’s biggest mistake was to marry a nanny at the very first place, had he married someone of his own class, the girl would have stayed by him and saved the marriage.
    This nanny was with Tiger for the money and money only. She had the perfect opportunity to get the big cheque finally and get free. So the divorce.
    It was Tigers mistake to marry the nanny at the very first place, being with other women is not something to break a marriage in todays world.

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