Egg Recall Brands Includes Egg Recall Numbers From Two Egg Farms

Egg Recall Brands Update: More Set of Egg Recall Numbers Included in Egg Recall – There has been a reported egg recall among some states in the US. Apparently, the eggs are affected by a bacteria known as Salmonella Entereditis. Thus the term “Salmonella eggs” surfaced.

Accordingly, the affected eggs come from Wright County Egg farm in Iowa, one of the largest producers of eggs distributed in various brands. Among the brands used by Wright County Egg, the following are affected by the recall and are included in the egg recall list: Albertson, Boomsma’s, Dutch Farms, Farm Fresh, Hillandale, Kemps, and Lucerne. It also includes brands such as Lund, Mountain Dairy, Ralph’s, Shoreland, Sunshine, and Trafficanda.

It has also been reported by Wright County Egg that specific egg numbers are affected by the recall. The affected eggs are specified with Julian date numbers ranging from 136 to 225 and plant numbers 1026, 1413 and 1946. Dates and plant numbers can be found stamped on the end of each egg carton. The plant number begins with the letter P and then the number. Thus, the eggs affected by the recall are listed as follows: P-1026 136 to P-1026 225, P-1413 136 to P-1413 225, and P-1946 136 to P-1946 225.

Wright County Egg issued an official statement regarding this egg recall stating that “consumers who believe they may have purchased these shell eggs should not eat them but should return them to the store where they were purchased for a full refund. This recall is of shell eggs only. Other egg products produced by Wright County Eggs are not affected. Consumers with questions should visit”

Unfortunately, aside from the 380 million eggs recalled by Wright County Eggs, another company named Hillandale Farms located also in Iowa have joined the list of egg recall. Accordingly, the egg brands affected from this egg farm are Hillandale Farms, Sunny Farms, and Sunny Meadow. Other brands include Wholesome Farms and West Creek. In this latest egg recall list, the numbers of recalled eggs include the plant number P1860, with Julian date  from numbers 099 to 230, and the plant number P1663, with dates from numbers 137 to 230 adding a total number of 170 million recalled eggs.

Salmonella is one of the leading causes of food poisoning. When consumed, it can lead to several diseases such as diarrhea and worst is typhoid fever. Salmonella symptoms include nausea, vomiting, dehydration, and abdominal pain. If you feel any of these symptoms, it is best to consult your doctor immediately especially if you know that you have consumed one of the eggs affected by the recall.

6 thoughts on “Egg Recall Brands Includes Egg Recall Numbers From Two Egg Farms

  1. I’m really sick right now with the salmonella infection and yesterday my throat became sore and I have a huge lump in it. I normally eat 2 eggs every day and now I very much hate eggs!!! And I’m angry that this huge egg infection happened and the Goverment better do something more to guide and control our food products!

    1. I’m sorry that you were one of the misfortunate ones to get ill from this salmonella outbreak. I have had salmonella poisoning before from eggs and almost swore to never touch an egg again until I found out about pasteurized eggs. Look for them in your grocery store. Davidson’s Safest Choice. I think they have a store locator on their website

  2. The FDA is falling down on the job. Here is an excerpt from their website

    “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says that as many as 79,000 illnesses and 30 deaths due to consumption of eggs contaminated with the bacterium Salmonella Enteritidis may be avoided each year with new food safety requirements for large-scale egg producers.”

    They do not require compliance with their rules if a producer has less then 3000 hens. That doesn’t make sense.

    Irradiation is the answer. The FDA already allows irradiation of many foods but not all. Considering the thousands of tons of recalled foods; ie., ground meat, spinach, lettuce, poultry, eggs and many other food, they should enlarge the scope of requiring irradiation.

    It doesn’t alter food properties. Food is not radioactive after the process. It slows down spoilage. It is not harnful to humans. There is no reason other then a concerted effort by the FDA to explain the benefits of irradiation. At least require a substantial portion to be irradiated and give those of us who are not concerned about radiation the option to buy safer food.

  3. 1) The only way to eat eggs any way that you want without any worries is to eat pasteurized shell eggs. Many people have the misconception that pasteurized eggs are irradiated, but their not. Pasteurizing eggs is a timed and temperature, all natural warm water bath process that eliminates all the bacteria without cooking the eggs. I’ve been eating them for years and they look and function exactly like a regular egg. It actually tastes better because the process eliminates the bacteria that breaks down the egg and it locks in the flavor and freshness.

    2)A normal healthy teenager or adult who becomes sick from salmonella poisoning will feel miserable for a couple of days, but if a child, a pregnant woman, an elderly person, a cancer patient or anybody with a compromised immune system gets salmonella poisoning the outcome can be very serious, even fatal.

  4. Don’t hate eggs now! Just buy pasteurized shell eggs, they have no bacteria, including salmonella. Organic or cage free eggs could still have bacteria inluding salmonella so the only way to be safe is pasteurized shell eggs. You can eat them however you want, you don’t have to worry about cooking completely b/c they have NO bacteria and they taste better!

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