Easter Egg Hunt Ideas and Easter Egg Hunt Clues on Easter Sunday 2010

Tomorrow is considered to be one of the most important events among Catholics as they celebrate Easter Sunday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

One of the activities being done during Easter Sunday is Easter Egg Hunt. In this game, Easter Eggs are being decorated with different designs to become more appealing to the kids. In anticipation of Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow, a lot of people are now preparing for this activity searching for Easter Egg hunt ideas and Easter Egg hunt clues forĀ  the kids.

For Easter Egg Hunt ideas, you need to make sure that you hard boil a lot of eggs. Try to have more Easter Eggs than your projected number of kids who will join in the Easter Egg Hunt activity because more often than not, there will be more children than available Easter Eggs. In addition, you also need to prepare for the prizes of those kids who can find the most number of Easter Eggs.

For Easter Egg clues, you can make several riddles to lead the kids to where the Easter Eggs are hidden. You may need to mention colors, landmarks, and shapes in your clues where these Easter Eggs can be found.

Alternatively, with today’s technology, virtual versions of Easter egg hunts are widely available online. Search engine king Google even prepared an online Easter Egg game for us to play. You can access it here.

Happy Easter Sunday to everyone!

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