Easter Egg Archives: Find Hidden Easter Eggs in Various Forms

It’s Easter Sunday today. Happy Easter to everybody! In this Easter celebration, Easter Egg hunt is one of the most famous activities most especially for kids.

However, Easter Egg hunt is not only restricted for kids in the backyard. With today’s advance technology, Easter Egg hunting is also an activity of adultsĀ  through the use of the internet.

Having said that, there’s this Easter Egg Archive that gathers all possible Easter Eggs hidden in movies, tv shows, software, music, books, and art. Users and visitors are allowed to submit their own Easter Egg findings. Currently, they already have a total of 13,577 Easter Eggs found in various forms.

Admittedly, I salute these users who submit their own Easter Egg findings in this Easter Egg Archive. They really have very detailed eye sight. If ever you found one, you can submit it to Easter Egg Archives here.

Alternatively, Easter Egg Archives has set up a discussion for all your questions and concerns here.

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