Easter Bunny Tracker: Where is the Easter Bunny Right Now?

Four months ago, it was Christmas season and the Santa Tracker got really famous especially for kids.  Now that it’s Easter’s Sunday, people are looking for the Easter Bunny!  Where is the Easter Bunny right now?  Do they also have an Easter Bunny Tracker? But what is an Easter Bunny Tracker anyway?

The Easter Bunny Tracker is similar to the NORAD Santa Clause tracker.  However, instead of tracking Santa hopping in and out of his sleigh, we could expect the Easter Bunny in Tunnels dropping Easter Eggs.  This application is mainly for kids and it allows them to update Easter Bunny Blog in a day and send email letters to them.  It’s an iPhone app and it should have an interactive globe and radar map which is just made up of course but children would love it since it would look really real.

People are now searching to download the Easter Bunny Tracker on their iPhones and this is available online.

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