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Earthquakes Everywhere: Map of China Earthquake Today

April 14, 2010 by · 5 Comments 

Four hundred people were killed in the most recent earthquake in China.  There were ten thousand injuries so far.  It is just pretty scary that ever since the new year (2010) many earthquakes of high magnitudes have happened.  First, Haiti, then Chile, Turkey, California, Mexico, and now China.

Before the big shock 6.9 magnitude, Southern China had a 5.0 earthquake.

After these two… several aftershocks on the range of 5 magnitude and above followed.

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5 Responses to “Earthquakes Everywhere: Map of China Earthquake Today”
  1. Fron India says:

    Hey…What’s going on? Can we know the reason for these repeated earthquakes?

  2. Fron India says:

    Why are we seeing these many earthquakes from last few months (only in 2010, so far more than 20)……Did anyone know about it… is really sad that, what ever happened in china.

    We pray for those who have lost their lives, the injured and their families in the earthquake today.

  3. Eseola Abiodun says:

    We all need to turn to The Holy GOD that created everything including living things and that gives life. Only prayers to HIM can affect what is currently being experienced. God had revealed to some of HIS own before January of this year that there will be many natural disasters in 2010. That is why some of us are not actually surprised.

    It is my believe that our creator, The LIVING GOD, wants our attention to return to him. If will all seek HIM and call on HIM for intervention, I believe many of the things going on will stop.

  4. Wel..its a pity dat it happend bt my prayer is dat God shd shower His merci on china nd piple shd bilive in God nd follow His commands inorder 2 avoid further purnishment.’Xie xie’

  5. Guide n protect us oh god n stop all these tribulatns 4 u ve said confess ur sins and u shall be forgiven. For China, ina lilahi wa ina ilaehi rajiun. Accept my condolence.

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