Earth Day 2010: How Google Celebrated Earth Day

Google Doodles are way of Google to commemorate different events by changing their official Google logo in Google homepage. Last April 22, Google celebrated this year’s Earth Day via Google Doodle. Earth Day is a yearly celebration to increase our environmental awareness and to make conscious efforts to save Earth and Mother Nature in general.

As today’s Earth Day celebration, we all need to participate in saving our planet Earth against further devastation by talking “green”. Global warming and climate change has been hunting us ever since we become agents of pollution in our environment causing extreme weather conditions.

For Google, Earth Day 2010 celebration is about solar cooking demonstrations, classes on composting and local food sourcing, distribution of reusable shopping bags and discussions on healthy cooking and eating. It also includes hosting a speaker from “The Nature Conservancy” and giving tours of Google’s on-site 1.6MW solar panel installation and the 400kW Bloom Energy fuel cells.

It is not too late for us to act now to save our planet Earth. We need to conserve water, energy, and take good care of our environment for the benefit of all human beings not only in our generation but also for other succeeding generations ahead of us.

This year, Earth Day 2010 will also coincide with the World People’s Conference on Climate Change, to be held in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and with the International Year of Biodiversity. Let us join Google and the rest of the world in celebrating Earth Day 2010.

22 thoughts on “Earth Day 2010: How Google Celebrated Earth Day

  1. Remember today, that in 1977, Ira Einhorn aka “The Unicorn Killer” permanently ended the carbon footprint of one Holly Maddux. Einhorn saved the world from the future carbon emissions Holly Maddux would have unleashed on the world by killing her & stuffing her body in a truck in his closet for 18 months. She was not di…scovered till Einhorns downstairs neighbor kept complaining to his landlord about the awful smell & foul smellling fluids that were leaking through his ceiling.
    So as you celebrate today, remember the “reason for the season”, and try to remember Holly Maddux.

  2. Earthday is really stupid.
    Like healthcare it falls very very very low on the totem pole of needs and wants
    for Americans. In other words there are other more important concerns.
    Like treating our fellow men with respect. Not harming others.
    Teaching our children not to harm others, teaching our children to respect others.
    Creating democrocies and influencing all other countries on the earth to accept
    democracy is more important that earth day.
    Democrats are dumb.
    They spend, and spend and spend, then they say…oh uhh…we need to curb spending.
    Uhhh…really? maybe we should have curbed spending BEFORE you increased the debt.
    Hey Obama? It’s the Economy and Jobs stupid!

  3. Well, it’s good that everyone need to think for the earth n do the best what he must. But I feel more important in the sight of The Creator is the Human-Being for whom the Earth itself created. So, do care more about your fellow human. Live and let live, do your best to protect a human being from – violence, frustration, ignorance, indulging in harmful activities, spoiling his and others present and future. If u can’t protect or stop him from so, atleast being a responsible person feel for him – May The Creator bother your feeling.

  4. we should save our earth for our next generation. please save our forest, trees, and also enviornment.for the shake of world we should help and try planting of trees.

  5. we should save our earth for our next generation. please save our forest, trees, and also enviornment.for the shake of world we should help and try planting of trees.


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