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Duke vs. Butler Score on NCAA Championship Game 2010

April 6, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

It was a close fight for the NCAA Championship Game 2010 on Men’s Division of Basketball Tournament. College basketball fans cheered for their favorite team as they watched them in the basketball court at Lucas Stadium in Indianapolis.

Duke vs Butler score was very close with just a difference of 2 points! Duke won vs Butler ending the season with a final score of 61-59. During the last few minutes of the basketball game, Gordon Hayward’s halfcourt, 3-point shot missed which gave way for the Butlers for a shot to win.

Apparently, Duke basketball player Brian Zoubek rebounded Hayward’s miss with 3.6 seconds left in the clock. Zoubek then made the first of two free throws but unfortunately missed the second one.

Butler coach Brad Stevens said they just came up with a bounce short to win the NCAA Championship Game. That bounce went in favor of Duke snapping Butler’s 25-game winning streak.

Butler Bulldogs did a great game this year with their aggressive defense and a great basketball game plan. Butler’s Coach, Brad Steven proved to be a great coach with a game plan that came close to winning the 2010 NCAA Championship Game.

Most importantly, congratulations to the Duke Blue Devils for winning the 2010 NCAA Championship game on Men’s Division of Basketball Tournament. I am particularly impressed with the right timing of Zoubek to finish his basketball career on the ultimate high. However, Lance Thomas of Butler should also be given due credit for guarding Haywood all night.

Whether you’re a pro Duke or Butler in this year’s NCAA Basketball Tournament Championship, overall, the game was great. Thanks for the thrill and excitement both basketball teams brought to its viewers.

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One Response to “Duke vs. Butler Score on NCAA Championship Game 2010”
  1. ben greene says:

    duke should have been charged with a blocking foul at
    the end of the game, because the butler player did not charge.
    bad officiating!

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