Dream Act 2010: Republican Filibuster Vote Won

Dream Act 2010 Status of Votes: Republican Filibuster Won – The results for the vote of the “Dream Act” or the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act were out already. Unfortunately, there was no hope for the hundreds of thousands of illegal or undocumented immigrants in the US for them to have permanent residency status in the US.

The Republican filibuster won in the vote. Democrats, who are proponents of the Dream Act, failed to secure any single Republican vote to reach the majority ‘60 votes’ needed. The Senate session ended with a vote of 56-43. Two Democrats namely, Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor from Arkansas voted ‘no’ in favor of the Republicans. Senator Reid also voted ‘no’ to the bill for it to be revived later. This was what initially happened to the unemployment extension bill before it was signed into law by President Obama.

The Dream Act supposedly would provide opportunity to earn conditional permanent residency for those people who have met the following criteria:

  • is under 35 years of age
  • has graduated high school or earned a GED
  • has been in the U.S. for at least 5 years prior to the deate the law takes effect
  • was 16 years of age or younger when they entered the U.S.
  • is “a person of good moral charecter”
  • has not been under a judicial order of deportation since before they were 16.

The temporary resident status for people meeting the above mentioned criteria would be good for a period of 6 years under the Dream Act. After such time, the person would be granted permanent US citizenship status if they can show that they accomplish at least one of these things:

– They acquired a degree from an institution of higher education in the United States or has completed at least 2 years, in good standing, in a program for a bachelor’s degree or higher degree in the United States.

– Or they have served in the uniformed services for at least 2 years and, if discharged, has received an honorable discharge

In addition to the main issue of the conditional permanency status, the Dream Act 2010 as an amendment to the defense bill would authorize $726 billion in defense spending, including a pay raise for troops. Moreover, it would also repeal the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy which restricts the United States military from efforts to discover or reveal closeted gay, lesbian, and bisexual service members or applicants, while barring those who are openly gay, lesbian, or bisexual from military service.

Senator Reid said Republicans were “putting partisan politics ahead of the best interests of the men and women who courageously defend our nation” by blocking the bill.

30 thoughts on “Dream Act 2010: Republican Filibuster Vote Won

  1. the dream act bill should be a law because we are all humans and we are all the same and i think everyone should have the oppertunatiy to be here without having to fear of getting kicked out of this country.

    1. Sen. Reid tacked this on to a defense bill that is all about supporting our troops in hopes that his bill would get passed. It has NO business being TACKED ON to the VERY IMPORTANT DEFENSE BILL THAT IS FOR OUR TROOPS, which bill IS NOT ABOUT GIVING ILLEGAL ALIENS PERMANENT STATUS IN THE USA!

  2. Hunnytree said it all. This site talks as if (and quotes someone) this bill was ORIGINALLY an AMNESTY bill. But it wasn’t. Reid tacked on his “Americans won’t mind paying for illegal aliens if I slip it by in a military bill” crap and killed badly needed increases in wages for our military. GREAT JOB Harry Reid.

    Can’t we just ban lobbying, political contributions, riders and amendments and get back to just doing what’s best for America instead of DC?

    While you’re at it you can send ALL ILLEGALS home with nothing but he shirt on their backs. Everything they earned here was illegal, which just like a drug dealer, should be confiscated when caught (and distributed to OUR POOR PEOPLE). I don’t care if they’ve lived here 30 years, have 2 kids in college etc. Send the kids with them. They’re born ILLEGAL here and should be sent back. If I break the law I get punished. They break it, they don’t? Then you ask ME (and the whole country) to pony up hard earned cash to fund 20 million of these (40?) people for food, medical, most can’t speak english (so they slow our kids down in class – our kids education is bad enough without having to wait for the spanish kid) and like it? What about all the people that came LEGALLY? You know how many hoops they jumped through to enter here and how long it took? Why is it ok for these illegals to avoid going through the process of proving WHY we should let you in. If even ONE US CITIZEN doesn’t have food or medical these people have no right to be in line in front of our own. We have our own homeless and illiterate, why are we taking Mexico’s? Build that dang fence too! Put 100,000 volts in it and shoot anyone skirting it. Put up signs in spanish warning them from touching it. You die, it’s your fault not ours. Sounds harsh, but I’m not breaking the law here, THEY ARE. Don’t forget every person coming in illegally COULD be a terrorist.

    The only way to stop people from coming in illegally is if they die at the border. That would certainly stop ME from coming over. You’d get about 10 people dead in a week and it would all stop as word spread. I mean if you knew 100% you’re dead if coming over, you’d come through legally or not at all. Instead, we get them healthy, give them medical attention, try like crazy to get them here for free, then ship back as a last resort…LOL. No wonder we’re going bankrupt. It’s a never ending bill. Once you get them here, you pay for their medical, food etc forever and rarely do they end up paying taxes. They’re usually under the table workers or just living off us period. Who pays when they’re old…That’s right, still us. But now they’re legal, gettting our Social Security checks (shrinking our own checks while at it) and probably living totally federally funded…LOL. We are only lowering our standard of living by giving amnesty to any ILLEGALS. To cover these people we’re expected to pay higher taxes, with Obama leading the charge with crap like HOME SALES tax (death taxes?), universal medical (ploy to get all illegals paid for by USA citizens). How about giving up 3.8% of your home profit to the govt? So instead of jumping to my next house upgrade I have to give it to the illegals and corrupt DC instead…Great. We didn’t have to do that before. Why now? Because 100 of these seemingly small charges here and there won’t be noticed and then they can cover this HUGE ILLEGAL bill we’re going to have to be paying for the next 100 years.

    My medical is $400 a year if paid on my own (just plain Kaiser, nothing special). So that’s 400 x 20 million people, and you owe it EVERY YEAR. So how does 8 BILLION per year sound, FOREVER? Oh, they need food too (I eat $180-200 per month), don’t forget their 6 kids they brought, the laws they will continue to break and money they will cost us over time. This is like feeding the Africans. All they do is breed 8 kids, the 7-8th suffer to death while dad eats kid 7-8’s food until they die, while mom pops out replacements. Seems harsh? Haven’t you seen the show on CNN (CNBC?). It’s about an hour of how life sucks as an african baby born just so DADDY could get another meal or two a day. Like that show? If I pay for that (rice, grain whatever), am I not killing those 2 kids myself in some way? Would I be a murderer paying for food for someone who has 2 extra kids a year to kill them slowly for food? How about the one showing the mexican’s home on welfare in USA. Mom/Dad both on welfare, haven’t worked in AGES with 5 kids. She states directly into the camera that they want 6 and are trying for SIX! She just had baby #5 and they can’t afford to feed themselves let alone the kids. So WE pay for them. The stupidity of some of the people in this country blows me away. We’ve been trying to end welfare for a long time (or at least make you get off eventually), yet we’re about to bring on another 20 million of them with most having a language barrier…Jeez.

    ANAHI. That’s fine as long as you make it illegal for ALL who came illegally to get ANY GOVERNMENT MONEY EVER. Automatic death penalty for anyone caught trying to get govt money if they came illegally (24hr death…no court etc…Just quick death after your last meal). Oh and American’s (yeah, the real ones) can be rewarded $1000 for each one they turn in…LOL. Sure, now you can have it your way. We’re all human, but I’ve EARNED the right to be in America. Wait a minute. Nobody would get paid because there would be nobody to arrest. They would have all run for the border immediately. Die, or go back to mexico…Simple decision I think for all but insane people. Sound evil? I don’t care. They broke the law, not me. If I murdered you, you’d expect me to go to jail correct? Rob you? Same expectation correct? But coming illegally (basically stealing american’s money, jobs etc), is perfectly acceptable to you? Don’t think much of our laws huh?

    Anahi, you already have it your way. Anyone can come to America LEGALLY, without fear of being kicked out. What part of that statement do you not get? The person who came here ILLEGALLY is HUMAN. I won’t argue that. But he/she is NOT the same as me. I didn’t break the law to enter this country. Sounds like your illegal…LOL.

    Want it another way? Everyone who passes any amnesty bill should be forced to pay for illegals and their bills forever until they pay on their own (good luck with that, no inpiration to pay on their own when you give it free already). Anyone voting against it, never has to pay, pays less taxes etc because we are not funding stupidity. 🙂 Oh, they live in YOUR house with you to, because YOU sponsor them to get them in illegally…HAHAHA. Immigration just plummeted…LOL. Ohh, look how many people just changed their minds about illegals (imagining for a second if this was actual law). Once a “supporter” gets that first bill 95% decide illegals are worthless garbage and the supporter sends them home…UNSUPPORTED…LOL. Come LEGAL, or LEAVE. Common sense.

    1. Well don’t you sound ignorant. Yes, we are breaking the law by being herem and I think we are aware of that, but there some of us that had no choice of coming here or staying in our country, and now were stuck here due to a decision that was made for us. A decision that completely changed my life and limited my freedom. We are only trying to pursue the american dream, we came here for an opportunity to better ourselves, and I have proved to be better than many americans myself throughout my life disregarding the fact that I had to learn a second language, which made it difficult, whether it is in school or just socially. Individuals that have a social security number and are applicable to all the opporunities america offers, do not appriciate what they have.
      Yes we work illegaly here, you are right! We also work under the table, but mployers only hire us because we’re twice as hard working as an average american would be. So don’t be mad at us, because of your weaknesses. By the way, go back in time, and don’t forget that if your not of native american decent, you are an illegal alien as well. So just keep in mind that when you talk about illeagal aliens, your speaking about your ancestors that also came to this country from a foreign one. Why dont you “lol” at that. 🙂

    2. I totally agree with Dwayne. You do sound ignorant indeed John. Did you finish high school? I would doubt it and if you did then I’m certain you barely made it. You need some serious cultural and educational lessons. First thing, not all illegal immigrants are from Mexico. Second thing, just like you mentioned that there are many Hispanics receiving welfare there are countless “americans” receiving it too. Third thing, when an immigrant commits a crime he/she is taken to jail just like anybody else so NO he/she does NOT get away with it. Fourth, there is something called the ITIN which is something like a SSN but it’s only for immigrants to pay taxes so YES immigrants DO pay taxes. Now, I got so much to comment about your irrationality and poor sense of judgment that I would never end my post. You sound like a middle-age middle-class white guy who is just barely making it in life and who has an uncertain future, with endless years of frustration and dime-counting. I’m sure that you find other no way to get it off your chest but to feel superior comparing yourself to others who got no other choice. I understand that a loser like you would feel the way you do. Let me tell you about me so that you don’t have to assume anything. I was brought to the US when I was young. I finished elementary, middle, and high school here. I graduated from high school with honors and endorsements on my diploma. I applied for college and was offered an scholarship. I work very hard to pay for the rest of my fees and still get good grades. In about a year’s time I will be graduating from a University with an engineering degree. Now if you’re referring to kids like me when you talk about “slow kids in school” then I guess the only slow person here is you. Why don’t you go and compare yourself with your high school classmates? Or does that show just how big of a loser you are that your not even considering the idea? I would think so. Oh and by the way, just so you know, NEVER, EVER,…EVER will the US deport all the illegal immigrants. And do you know why? Because the US needs them more than the US needs you. Now “LOL” at that.

    3. @Dwayne and Mee. What exactly makes you think I’m ignorant? Pursue the american dream through the LEGAL DOOR. BTW, not all of you work hard. My mother just fired a mexican in TX for taking forever to finish their landscaping. When he brought in another guy to milk the situation (she even gave them a free car…guess they decided they had a cash cow…LOL. Then she fired them both).

      FYI – I graduated with honors in the top 5% of my class (458 seniors). I skipped the classes I considered a waste and opted for adv computer classes (dropped sewing, home ec, 2nd language). I have multiple PC related certifications and work in the IT industry.

      You’re more than welcome to come try to CONQUER us if you can. Then just like us, you can claim you own the land and are the natives… 🙂 LOL. Satisfied?

      Forgive me for not caring that you can’t get all my benefits because you’re ILLEGAL (jeez…Are you for real?).

      I agree we have a lot of FREELOADERS here and handouts keep creating more of them (just like YOU and the other 20mil illegals). But if I have to WASTE my money on someone it will at least be a worthless american instead of people like YOU. He belongs here. He may not be paying his way, but at least he’s supposed to be here (and no I don’t agree with welfare crap either…Obama just gave another 96 weeks…RETARD). My sister has been on unemployment for 4 years (you can take her with you!). Now he gives her another 96 weeks possible…LOL. She has no intention of looking for a job until that free check is taken away. Meanwhile I’ve had ONE (just one) unemployment check in my life (i’m 39) and it was only gotten to get into MCSE training (my contract ended on a job so I was told to get a check from unemployment to get into the program). I got it and they’d already run out of money. I immediately went back to work of course. That training was worth $6000 so it seemed smart to wait for a month to get into the program before going to work. No dice.

      So you get free schooling at a college? Or join military? I take it we’re paying for your school? FYI – I was denied college because my parents made a few thousand over the limit in ’90 (45K…sheesh, we weren’t rich). My parents couldn’t afford it themselves and neither could I. 60K for four years back then at oregon state (twice my parents house) so I went the PC route after a little over a year (couldn’t afford it, just gave up and went to work). So you’ll have to excuse me if I’m a little peeved about giving handouts when as a REAL american I’ve always been just out of reach of getting anything free.

      There’s no irrationality to wanting to put a stop to giving away my money. Oh, yes, middle aged, but I have a completely FREE paycheck left over that is totally saved each month (well, invested…you get the idea). No credit card debt and a credit score last I checked of just under 800.

      If you want opportunities come here legally. I have a friend who immigrated from Africa and it took almost 2 years and was a real ordeal for the guy. He is extremely proud to be here and is ticked about people like you two. My future is fine, thanks to the housing crisis I’ll retire a millionaire (maybe multi).

      My only weakness Dwayne, is I can’t get rid of YOU. Too many stupid democrats want you here for free. Aww, you had to learn our language? Pfft…Most of you don’t. Meanwhile I’m having to learn spanish because of YOU. However, unlike you, I get NOTHING from it. My only frustration is paying for crap I don’t get.

      Mee applied for college and got a scholorship. Probalby just because your illegal (another handout). No they don’t want to get rid of you because you’re the only people here that will do the crap jobs that americans just won’t do…LOL. Congrats. There’s a reason why all of you stand outside home depot. It’s not us middle aged white guys. FYI, don’t blame me for saying that, it was Carlos Mencia (Mind of Mencia – that guy is great) that let me know you all hang out at home depot…LOL…You can watch him make fun of you (and everyone else) on comedy central. Do you two even know what IGNORANT means?

    4. @DWAYNE2010: If you don’t understand the difference between LEGAL and Illegal you are not scholarly material. If you don’t know that Americans understand that the Dream Act is a political scheme then you are misinformed. If you don’t know that Americans are aware that the Dream Act will massively increase our problems with illegal immigration then you are avoiding the issue to make the Dream Act sound like it is good for everyone. If the Dreamers want to become citizens they can join the military to acquire citizenship/education. As a result of the War on Terror, Bush enacted INS 328 & 329. Dreamers can join with no questions asked. DO YOU THINK AMERICANS ARE STUPID? We have been at war in Afganistan and Iraq and I do not see dreamers lining up. I see you whining and complaining. Some stating that they have degrees but cannot work. I’m sure the military would welcome these persons with degrees (nurseing, computer) Who do you think you are kidding? Americans are too smart for this game.

  3. The only reason DADT wasn’t repealed was the Scheme Act. I’m one of the gays that fought for DADT in the 90?s, it WAS a good thing for us and the republicans NEVER wanted it, they wouldn’t have a problem overturning DADT. So what’s the problem, The Scheme Act! It’s a B.S. scam that doesn’t even include CHILDREN under 12, which is what they keep telling us it’s for, the chirrrrrends! The chain migration allowance will allow the illegals to grant citizenship to their immediate relatives, you know, the people that most likely brought them here illegally. No Dream act now, no dream act ever! My liberal gay tuchas will NEVER EVER FORGET IT WAS THE PRO-ILLEGALS THAT STOPPED THE DADT REPEAL! Keep talking about that all important “Latino Vote” so the rest of the gays will see the Democratic pecking order of priorities. We’re clearly American citizens that don’t mind taking the backseat while our elected representatives work on legislation to grant special rights for ILLEGAL ALIENS……riiiiiiight?

    BTW, this legislation has been floating around since 2000. How much of OUR time have the ILLEGALS wasted? Our representatives are there to represent US citizens, yet they keep throwing this bill out there and wasting taxpayers money debating and trying to pass it, the people involved with this annual amnesty attempt should be tried for treason since they’re not representing US citizens. *spits* I especially love hearing how the Dream Act is for “everybody”, but when it fails it’s “Latino voters won’t forget”, silly little bigots think we won’t notice! I guess they didn’t realize the gay voting block isn’t one to be trifled with and unlike the whiny latinos, WE REALLY DO VOTE!

    We also won’t forget how quickly The Scheme Act was reintroduced, while our DADT repeal sits. The Democrats just told ALL of the gays where we are on the list of priorities, and apparently equal rights for American citizens aren’t as important as ILLEGALS!

    This is trouble, with a big capital T, and if you think the mythical “latino vote” was something to worry about, you’re going to be downright flabbergasted when you see what the gay voting block does.

    The sleeping giant did wake up, and guess what, it’s still American!

    1. So ignorant my friend! Read history if you can read! Women first marched to vote in 1900 and didn’t get passed until 1920. African-americans struggled longer.What are you afraid of? Why haven’t we had a terrorist alert since the new Pres? Go buy your plastic and duck tape your house shut like W told you to!

    2. @ tim:

      We haven’t had a terrorist attack since the new Pres?

      What do you call what happened at Times Square in may of this year? What about the “underwear bomber” flying into Detroit in December of 2009?

      What would you call those? Yeah, they failed but I think they more than qualify as terrorist attacks…

    3. AWWWW! I found another unhinged voter! You’re response is pure garbage, and is in no way a rebuttal to anything I said. SILLINESS! You assume I’m not a woman, and made assumptions about my race, and you never once offer any rebuttal to my statements. That line about Bush is hysterical though, what part of GAY LIBERAL don’t you understand?


    4. Yes, you are right in saying that every other vote that included American citizens took back seat to the Scheme Act. Harry Reid, Obama and Pelosi were only really interested in the illegal vote. They wanted to ensure enough time for the Scheme Act vote but did not care about the 9/11 responders ( who were left to the very end, might not have been enough time in the lame duck session) and D.A.D.T legislation was after the Dream Act. This proves to me that the Dems are just sheep and do not care about Americans. Even though 22 millions Americans are unemployed they were pushing the Scheme Act which would force unemployed Americans to compete with even more illegal workers. The Scheme Act is not going to “fix” our immigration problem, it will heighten the problems and demands. The SCHEMERS KNOW THAT YOU CAN OBTAIN CITIZENSHIP/EDUCATION THROUGH OUR MILITARY SERVICE. (INS 328 & 329) We have been at war in Afganistan and Iraq, I do not see them lining up.

  4. The Dream Act is wrong and unfair and should never be made law. It’s wrong to allow people to benefit from breaking the law. Even if their parents brought them into the country as children, they are not children any more. They should be held accountable for their own actions, as are the citizens of this country. Once you are aware that you are breaking the law and don’t take responsible for your choice, you are no better than any other law breaker (like parents that would put their kids into such a position). I don’t see illegal behavior as “Good moral Character”. The Dream Act is unfair to every person who endured the hardships of following the law. The Dream Act spits in the face of everyone who respected the law. It also tells everyone breaking the law is OK as long as you get what you want. If the young illegal immigrants honestly want to give back to this country, then start by obeying the law.

  5. Not only would the approval of the Dream Act have given millions of children of illegal aliens get a free pass to our education system, but it wouldn’t there would have no restrictions like the House version does. If the Dream Act had only been for the selected few, instead of millions who just qualify by getting a high school diploma up to the age of 35. Senator Reid advanced his political agenda, by placing the Dream Act in the Defense spending bill and was co sponsored by Richard Durbin (D-IL), Dick Lugar (D-IN).

    Involved in this matter and endeavored to pass the Dream Act was mostly Democrats that include incumbents that can be relieved of their Senate seat in the midterm election. Blanche Lincoln (D-R) Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Micheal Bennet (D-CO), Chris Dodd (D-CT), Ted Kaufman (D-DE), Daniel Inouye (D-HI), Roland Burris(D-IL), Evan Bayh (D-IN), Harry Reid(D-NV), Arlen Spector (D-PA), Patty Murray (D-WA) and Russ Feingold D-WI). OH! We mustn’t forget Speaker Nancy pelosi? We can send a demanding message that all these incumbents will see the streets in November and other pro-amnesty panderers will join them shortly. We need all Tea Partiers, moderate conservatives and dissatisfied Democrats to join in this revolution for change. We must cement our votes for–ALL–new candidates against each of these incumbents.

    If the controversial DREAM ACT had not been introduced, but “DADT had been admitted, the defense bill may have united both sides–including gays in the military. Personally in my comments, I see nothing wrong with the DADT being deleted, as I have a cousin who is a gay attorney and a nephew who would like to go in the military. However, I am adamantly against the Dream Act, with unbridled facts that are not addressed as Sen. Reids bill has no age limit upto 35 and if you arrived just befor the age of 15, you can still claim–AMNESTY. Further abuse is you don’t have to be an exceptional Scholar, or receive the right grades. The HOUSE bill limited all these hidden conditions. If there are any conditions under the Senator Reid of Nevada Act? The last big problem is that it’s incentive to sponsor the whole family, including uncles and aunts.

    Last time this “Chain Migration” happened was in the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli bill, when another 5.3 million people turned up at our door, under the Chain migration. Sponsored by legitimized Guest workers over 21, however the whole thing turned into a farce, played onto the US taxpayers. Soon the financial sponsors affidavit wasn’t honored anymore and the good ol’ taxpayer ended up footing the bill for the extended family members, including Social Security benefits Not just high achieving valedictorians — or even necessarily good students? This is chiefly—NOT–just teens or college students. Don’t have to come here when only a child. Bill is open to gigantic fraud as all Amnesties have? THE DREAM ACT leaves unbroken the chain migration system that will allow these 2.1 million illegal alien students, to eventually send for millions more relatives.

    If you are a patriotic American and see your jobs disappearing, and unable to get a modification loan to save your home while banks hoard billions of dollars offered by President Obama. However from 1997 Head of HUD, a Democrat called Andrew Cuomo, was the personage who became the architect of the housing collapse. But the most major ramification is that all those students who eventually receive citizenship can sponsor 3 to 4 million immediate members of the family, stretching to Uncle and aunts. Finally the most dangerous act that could be accepted is the sanctioned US/Mexican totalization Social Security agreement, which at our peril would cripple yours and mine Pensions. Do you know that hundreds of thousands of illegal alien guest workers, who were legally processed in 1986, were able to get public benefits that many didn’t pay into, while American citizens paid all of their lives into the Social Security system?

    If you are a patriotic American and see your jobs disappearing, and unable to get a modification loan to save your home while banks hoard billions of dollars offered by President Obama. However from 1997 Head of HUD, a Democrat called Andrew Cuomo, was the personage who became the architect of the housing collapse. But the most major ramification is that all those students who eventually receive citizenship can sponsor 3 to 4 million immediate members of the family, stretching to Uncle and aunts. Finally the most dangerous act that could be accepted is the sanctioned US/Mexican totalization Social Security agreement, which at our peril would cripple yours and mine Pensions. Do you know that hundreds of thousands of illegal alien guest workers, who were legally processed in 1986, were able to get public benefits that many didn’t pay into, while American citizens paid all of their lives into the Social Security system?

    We–as a country can no longer be the PPO medical welfare, the education system for everybody who chooses to illegally enter this country. Now is the time to reprimand any politician who supported the Dream Act, or any form of Amnesty by joining the Tea Party movement or NumbersUSA. Both are fighting to stop our taxes being spent on illegal aliens, who arrive here by plane or simply crossed our sovereign border. You can harass your Senator or Congressman at the Washington switchboard at 202-224-3121 We must wipe the slate clean and remove the corrupted political debris from every state, of–ALL–elected officials which includes Governors and Mayors.

    This November we must be on our guard, vigilant against illegal aliens violating our voting federal laws, specifically in California and Nevada, but also every other state. Absentee ballot voting is specifically vulnerable in an “honor System” that doesn’t work anymore.

    1. Both bills have bi-partisan report. Yes your republican sens say they want them passed. But you have to be used to them lying to you by now? Can you say weapons of mass destruction? Those damn illegals decapitating people in the desert ha you folks are so gullible. Use your head

  6. I dnt get how the fuck u want the U.S. To get better if they pass the bill then all the illegal kids would have to pay taxes and wen they give there parents the citizen ship then they would pay taxes and to all the “poor americans” they can get a job just like every hispanic its just that there lazy fucks that want office jobs were they sit around all day doin shit so all of u GO FUCK OFF cause all of u “americans” took the land from the REAL native americans and its probably going to happen again with the hispanics cause karma is a bitch and its time for u white ppl to get punished

  7. Well, it has been amazing seeing the lack of publicity on this.. Maybe because of the upcoming election.. I honestly have had a hard time finding anything about the ” Dream Act” on the internet.. But, I really haven’t looked hard.. So if my understanding of this legislation is correct, it basically allows any future criminal to be here legally.. Because they don’t have to necessarily have gone to college..which is what I heard so caused me to further research the matter.. these are the given points of the act..
    ” is under 35 years of age
    has graduated high school or earned a GED
    has been in the U.S. for at least 5 years prior to the deate the law takes effect
    was 16 years of age or younger when they entered the U.S.
    is “a person of good moral charecter”
    has not been under a judicial order of deportation since before they were 16.

    This is ridiculous… A person of good moral character, impressions are nothing to base LEGAL residency on! This is basically a foundation to allow any and every person in Mexico to come to the states, and not go through all the effort of becoming a citizen like the other LEGAL immigrants… When are people going to wake up!!!??? A country can not be successful and peaceful with Open boarders!!

    Way this is going.. Rosetta Stone is going to make a lot of money giving spanish lessons

    1. Citizenship isn’t handed to them. They have to work for it. They must either attend two years of college and or serve two years in the United States military. You know the “good moral character” actually has a definition, there is a list of offenses that cannot be committed by those that the bill would effect. The ones that would benefit from this bill being passed are fellow students and colleges. It would help lead the way for them to pay taxes and add to the economy. These people have grown up in America, most of them have no idea what life was like back in Mexico or whatever country their parents brought them here from. It’s true that a country must have an efficient border security, but I fail to see how helping people that have lived in this country their entire lives become citizens and PAY TAXES would ultimately harm the United States.

    2. To find information you don’t have to look too hard. Just go to dreamact.info. There you’ll find out that a person must go to a two year college or join the military for at least two years like UT Student stated.
      The DREAM Act is not about open borders. If you read correctly, you’ll see that people on qualify if they lived here 5 years before the law is enacted. So if it would have passed in 2010, people would qualify if they had been here before 2005. People who are coming in now do not qualify.
      Now, I would like for you to explain to me how a this country wouldn’t benefit with educated people that have ALREADY been living in the US.
      The streets are filled with homeless people, most that are white or black. You’ll see a hispanic person on the parking lot of Home Depot ASKING FOR WORK. Not free money.

      So when are YOU going to wake up and realize that this country needs hard working people?
      That there are so many students going to universities, trying to help this country but everyone turns their back on them.

  8. All we need is the support of 5 (1 in a perfect situation) democratic senators to guarantee the passage of 3706 before the election.

    If 3 to 5 democratic senators would refuse to vote for either the continuing resolution or the war funding bill unless the unemployment extension is attached or passed as a stand alone bill the senate would be forced to extend unemployment benefits.

    If the continuing resolution is not passed by September 30th the government will be shut down October 1, the Democrats will not let that happen right before an election. The republicans would love to see the government shut down by the majority right before the election which means most republicans will not vote for the continuing resolution. Three democrats refusing to vote for the continuing resolution unless a tier 5 is attached would force the government to shut down if a tier 5 is not passed.

    Can we not find 3 democrats willing to help us? We only need 3 or at most 5 democrats to pass a tier 5.

    If we can not find 1 democratic senator willing to help us we need to fire all of them along with the republicans

  9. Para que nos hacemos tontos, esta tierra pertenece a los americanos. Americanos son todos los que vivemos en el continente que lleva este nombre, sigan con sus restricciones y veran como China avanzara sobre Mexico y despues tambien avanzara sobre este pais. Para prepararse en contra de China se requiere de cerebro. Lastima que muy pocos lo usan.

    1. English spoken here. I did not read your message or your translation. I do not care what you have to say if it is in Spanish. This is not a Spanish site. Waste of my time.

  10. Translation. Why are we playing to be ignorant? This land belongs to the Americans. American are all of us that live in the continent that has this name. Keep with your restrictions and you will see how CHINA will take Mexico y after will take this country. To be prepared against China, brain it is needed. Unfortunately only a few use their brain on this matter.

    1. Then speak English! Don’t break the law then want A DL, SS Card Health Care, Welfare, Then tell me how bad your Treated! Me 2end Generation. Tought to stand on your own two feet! Joined the Military also…..! Do just that and you would not se such distane…! over this matter

  11. I have some questions, maybe someone can answer them. Did the pilgrims had papers when they first settle in 1620? Where they considered Illegal Aliens? Who grated them their citizenship? and Why did they migrated to the United States? Maybe if we look back in history we could see that all of us come from other countries. Why cant we be like the American Indians and welcome and help the newcomers? We need to become one country indivisible with LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.

    1. Were there borders then? Laws then? Sorry you don’t want to hear it but we currently live in a civilized world with laws. There are also repercussions if you break the law, such as the laws that the dreamers parents broke when they entered our country illegally. Other countries do not have open borders. Listen if I see a door open on my neighbors house I would not enter and eat, drink and then decide to live there because it is nicer. Sounds basic but you know what my neighbor has every right to not want me in his house. After all it is his house, it is against the law to enter and he has paid for it and sustained it. Sorry, sometimes it is simpler to paint a picture for persons who want to make this a complicated issue. NO DREAM ACT, NO AMNESTY, NOT EVER.

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