DQ Celebrates with a Blizzard Treat Promo

Dairy Queen Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of their most-loved product, the Blizzard. If you buy any of the sizes of the Blizzard today this April 19, the second one will just cost you a quarter.  In order to help you readers avail of this delicious deal, here is the link for the Dairy Queen Store Locator near you.

The Blizzard Treat of DQ is a soft-serve mechanically blended ice cream concoction with add-in ingredients such as sundae toppings and/or pieces of cookies, brownies, or candy. It has been a staple on the menu since its introduction in 1985, a year in which Dairy Queen sold 100 million Blizzards. Known flavors are the Skor Bars, Oreo Cookies, chocolate chip cookie dough, M&M’s (Smarties in Canada), Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Heath bar, Kit Kat, and Butterfinger.

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