Did Sandra Bullock File for Divorce?

A lot of rumors are now ongoing about Sandra Bullock filing a divorce against her husband Jesse James. Ever since the allegations about her husband’s mistress Michelle McGee came out, their marriage was already questioned with infidelity issues.

According to the gossip authority TMZ, Sandra Bullock already met with divorce lawyers to tak about her plans of filing a divorce against her husband Jesse James.

However, Sandra Bullock’s camp denied these divorce rumors. According to them, Jesse James contacted some divorce lawyers and asked if they will be interested in accepting the case just in case Sandra Bullock decided to divorce him.

Right now, there has been no confirmation from both camps regarding this divorce issue. Whether they plan to break their marriage or not, it’s really up to them. However, as a famous celebrity, a lot of Sandra Bullock’s fans want to know the truth behind this divorce isse.

2 thoughts on “Did Sandra Bullock File for Divorce?

  1. There is a show on CNN’s Headline News Channel called “Issues” that says they have new information on Jesse going to sex rehab. I bet there are plenty of drugs involved too. He looks pasty and unhealthy. Probably pharmies. The host of “Issues” is a recovering alcoholic so she will probably be able to tell what is really going on.

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