Diamond City Out; Diamond Planet In!

If you’re one of those dreaming to have a pair diamond earring or perhaps a a diamond studded necklace well wish more as these things would only be a very small part of the recently discovered diamond planet. You’re reading it right, it’s not a diamond house nor a diamond city but a diamond planet. Imagine that it is five times as big as earth and it is made of diamonds.

Time will come that mankind would be able to step on it. At least for now, it’s existence has been proven. A group of astronomers led by Matthew Bailes of the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne discovered a binary pulsar named PSR J1719-1438 at about 4,000 light years away from the constellation Serpens. It is a binary pulsar which means it has companion orbiting in its axis. There were already at least 22 pulsars discovered but it is the first one having companion that has a mass. The actually bigger than the mass of the gaseous Jupiter. It is primarily composed of Carbon in which we can also say Diamond.

It orbits at a distance of 600,000 km, making years on it just two hours long. This recent discovery is just giving our astronomers another reason to explore the outer space even more.

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