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Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears Highlights: NFL Week 1 Controversial Game

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Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears Highlights: NFL Week 1 Controversial Game – Week 1 of the National Football League (NFL) would be memorable for both the Lions and the Bears. They start off the season with a controversial game which the Lions almost defeated the Bears, 20-19. The touchdown by Calvin Johnson with 35 seconds to go on the fourth quarter was ruled as incomplete thus the Bears win, 19-14.

What could have bean the Detroit Lions’s first road win in three years ended up in another defeat. The referees scored it as a touchdown but upon review it was ruled as an Incomplete Pass. Johnson received a 372 yards throw from Jay Cutler.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz agreed with officials on the ruling on Johnson saying, “The rule is if you’re going to the ground in the process of making the catch you need to finish with the football. He didn’t finish with the football. He was (aware) he was trying to come down with it, he had one hand to keep it away from the other guy, he is trying to get his feet down and go to a knee it wasn’t like he was trying to flip it to the official or anything. That’s what it is.”

The greater worry for the Lions however was their quarterback Matthew Stafford. Stafford suffered a shoulder injury at the end of the first half. His injury was caused by a blindside sack by Julius Peppers.

Detroit Lions suffered their 21st straight road loss since a win at Soldier Field in October 2007. The Lions also holds a league-record 30 losses over the previous two seasons.

Here is the controversial touchdown and incompletion of Calvin Johnson in the Lions vs Bears NFL 2010 game.


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One Response to “Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears Highlights: NFL Week 1 Controversial Game”
  1. emma says:

    Man this season is so exciting, somethings feels good about it.
    The grumpy granny still has a good chargers lock for this week.
    she has very accurate in teh past and her site is a crack up.

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