Denver Broncos WR Kenny McKinley Found Dead

Wide receiver for the Denver Broncos Kenny Mckinley was believed to have shot himself to the head in initial reports. Investigations done by the sherriff’s office indicated that McKinley may have committed suicide as a result of depression.

Kenny McKinley was found dead by two friends on Monday afternoon, prompting them to call 911 for help. Arapahoe County Sherriff Grayson Robinson headed the initial investigation, citing a gunshot wound to the head as the cause of death.

McKinley was known to his teammates as a friendly person off the field with an infectious smile. Nobody expected the 23-year old rising football star would end his life this way. Coach Josh McDaniels mentioned during a news conference on Tuesday that they did not see any suicidal tendencies in the second-year NFL player. The Denver Broncos decided to leave McKinley’s locker intact for the rest of the season as tribute to their teammate.

After playing high school football at South Cobb High School in Georgia, McKinley brought his solid playing credentials to South Carolina in 2005. He was a fifth round pick at the 2009 NFL Rookie Draft.

McKinley played eight games with the Broncos in 2009 until a knee injury sidelined him in December 2009.

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