Denny Hamlin Wins Texas Motor Speedway

The great new about the Texas Motor Speedway Monday Race day is that it is having two races after the weekend washout from the rain that had burst the bubble of so many ticket holders. People describe having 2 races in one day a “double header” and it’s good news to NASCAR Samsung 500 ticket holders since their tickets are valid for watching both races on race day Monday.

Meanwhile, the winner for the Samsung 500 Texas Motor Speedway Race Day 2010 is Denny Hamlin, a NASCAR Driver from Chesterfield Virginia who recently underwent on a knee surgery before racing again. Hamlin led 12 laps in the race, and it was Hamlin’s first victory of the season and his very first victory at the Texas Motor Speedway. Competitors like Tony Stewart was knocked out in a nine-car pileup in Turn 1 with 17 laps to go, while Jimmie Johnson finished second and Kyle Busch finished third.

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