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Delonte West and Lebron James’ Mom Affair Rumor is Not True

May 19, 2010 by · 20 Comments 

Lebron James’ Mom and Delonte West Affair is True: This is the latest update today about Lebron James’ Mom, Gloria James and Delonte West Love Affair. Lebron James’ name is on the spotlight once again. No, it’s not about how great basketball player he is nor about his current team Cleveland Cavaliers which suffered a loss in the Game 6 of the NBA Playoffs game. It’s all about his mom, Gloria James having a rumored affair with his fellow basketball player Delonte West.

Honestly, when I first heard about the issue, I was really shocked. Why on Earth will Delonte West have an affair with Gloria James? I mean what can he get from Lebron James’ mom? Gloria James is like a mother to Delonte West. Just look at the age difference between the two. Obviously, Gloria James is much older than Delonte West.

Perhaps, this issue is one of the dirty tactics used against Lebron James to affect his performance in the basketball ring. Well, apparently, if this is the sole prupose of the one who made this issue, he is indeed successful in doing so since we have seen Lebron James’ performance in the Game 4, 5, and 6 of the NBA Playoffs to be deteriorating.

Nevertheless, if this is true, it’s really a shame for Delonte West. It’s an act of betrayal against his friend Lebron James. No words could explain the disrespect to his fellow team mate. To Gloria James, you have successfully raised your son to become one of the best and successful basketball player in the NBA. Please don’t drag his name to your selfishness. There are a lot of other guys out there aside from Delonte West.

Here are some of the pictures of Gloria James, Lebron James’ mom. What do you think about these Gloria James pictures?

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20 Responses to “Delonte West and Lebron James’ Mom Affair Rumor is Not True”
  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahah he fukn yo mama hahahahahahahahahahahah he fukn yo mama hahahahahahahahahahahahah he beatn her shit out da frame hahahahahahahah she mite be pregnant

  2. Flyte The Flyest says:

    If this is true, his mom and Delonte West are dirty as hell.It’s somethings you just don’t do, and this is 1 of does things that sit on top of that list.Lebron go play with Derrick Rose !! – Flyte

  3. Free Speech says:

    delonte west? he must have been trying to head east in between his royal highness mother’s legs. why did he have to shag her? why ? delonte royall screwing the king’s mommy….why ?

  4. Free Speech says:

    delonte west? he must have been trying to head east in between his royal highness mother’s legs. why did he have to shag her? why ? delonte royally screwing the king’s mommy….why ?

  5. waka flocka says:

    she a hoe

  6. Jimi Dean says:

    Shes fugly. Delonte is too so I dont blame him.

  7. Nick says:

    This aint true, no way. my boy aint doing that to her

  8. Ramahdi del Pubertee says:

    Why can’t everyone just be happy for them . LeBron could eventually be playing with his step-dad. Gloria James sure can pick-out those hansome, sane, law-abiding intellectual-types. DeLonte is sure a gun and tatoo lovin’ dream-boat. She formerly was dating a top engineer at NASA, but she gave him da ejection seat.
    Gloria and Delonte have found true love—–be happy for them.

  9. ifrae tambill says:

    i’d bang her

  10. blUESTER says:

    omg she is just aHOE if u guys know what i meean,,,and delonte good luck on him trying to avoid lebron beeting his ass!!!

  11. b.davis says:

    Damn kid that’s super messed up..but its all gonna lead to NY lets go mr. James…we want u in ny cleveland isn’t ur home anymore..

  12. samson101 says:

    james can complete jordans legacy on bulls with rose

  13. shorty says:


  14. chris says:

    hahahahahahahah dalonte hahahah gloria….i cant wait to see delontes face when lebron gets his hands on him lol

  15. Sam Sidro says:

    It’s a phony typical internet story. No proof has been presented because it is not true. Why should anyone dignify the lie by commenting, in any way, on it?

  16. Lebron's REAL DADDY says:

    Dat nasty ho’ gave me the AIDS. Delonte will have them now FO SHO!

  17. Dee says:

    Delonte is a bitch as well as a few more of them dudes in clevland locker room…
    cause u know pretty much every1 of them may have known. and now they stupid asses will never get a ring!… BUT LEBRON WILL!!

  18. tru cougar says:

    u go girl(ms. james) there’s nothing wrong with a cougar wanting a cub she’s grown he’s grown so y not they r single and shouldnt have 2 answer 2 nobody she raised her son he needs 2 get over it
    n y she gotta b a hoe age anit nothing but a number
    hell im 38 and my husband is 23
    love comes in all ages colors and shapes
    dnt knock it til u have tried it

  19. Dmiami says:

    Hey she is an adult and so is Delante to each his own if Lebron has a prob. w it he should put her in time out. It’s her paragative.

  20. KG says:

    Maybe that’s where he got those purple sores on his mouth.

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