Deloitte Street Child World Cup: Philippines defeated Brazil

The first ever Deloitte Street Child World Cup has already started. It is a soccer competition of the homeless children from all over the world. The Cup is taking place in Durban, South Africa with 8 participating countries. It includes the Philippines, India, South Africa, Tanzania, Brazil, Nicaragua, United Kingdom at Ukraine. It will be happening from March 15-23 this year.

The teams are mixed, with boys and girls playing together, and the winning squad will take home an impressive trophy. The cup was initiated by UK human rights organization called Amos Trust. The first World Cup was held in South Africa in line with the upcoming FIFA this coming June. Umthombo an NGO working with street children in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is facilitating the event.

The opening kicked off with fireworks and has already displayed spectacular skills of the street children. Latest news came out it is somewhat miraculous. Philippines’ ‘Miracle Team’ beats the international soccer country Brazil with the score 0f 6-2. You heard it right, Philippines beat Brazil in soccer. The win encouraged the team so much. The RP team was led by coach Jess Landagan.

“It seems that Tinikling footwork beat Samba footwork,” noted RP women’s team skipper Marielle Benitez, when informed of the historic triumph Thursday night.

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  1. it’s nice to hear that a power house team brazil was beatin by the unfamiliar team n world of soccer like philippines…good luck philippines teams…we were very proud…

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