Debtorboards Serves As a Threat to Debt Collectors

With the onset of the financial crisis, a lot of people have been into deep debt. Having received a call from one of the debt collection agencies is probably one of your worst days. They are there to threaten you to pay your debts without giving consideration to your civil rights as a debtor. There are so many sites nowadays that offers debtors to get out of debt. Among these kinds of sites, Debtorboards catches the eye of the media.

Accordingly, Debtorboards is a new way for debtors to get help against their creditors most especially if they don’t want to be bullied by them. Debtorboards aims to help debtors by educating them on everything about debt and debt collection including credit basics, suing creditors, consumer protection act, case law, state laws, and all government agencies and organizations involved in credit and debt business such credit reporting agencies, debt collectors and agencies, bankruptcy and consumer attorneys.

Debtorboards is said to have started by a certain Steven Katz who is a debt collector. At 58 years old, he has both a financial debt collector and had also ruined his credit score. He claims he has won $ 36,000 on the verdict against terrorist debt collectors.

There is a growing members for Debtorboards which currently has 5,886 members covering 8,407 debt topics and 64,550 articles about debt in general. To date, Debtorboards members have collected $388,151.12 from creditors and have beaten back suits attempting to collect $335,197 from them.

If you want to get help against your creditors, Debtorboards is definitely one of the sites that you should get yourself involved with. Unfortunately, due to the heavy traffic, their site went down as of this moment.

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