David Beckham Says Goodbye to World Cup

The football star, David Beckham really can’t make it to the World Cup this June in South Africa. He has suffered an Achilles Tendon Injury which happened during their practice game against Serie A league opponents Chievo Sunday. Pain has been visible in his face as attempts to kick a ball in the game. He tried to continue playing but eventually he couldn’t stand the pain and then he crumpled to his knees and face down on the pitch.

The Achilles Tendon injury is basically an injury in the muscles that connects your heel to your lower leg. Depending on the severity of the case, this injury will take 12 months to heal and more weeks of rest before doing any light exercises. From this time up to the World Cup this June, it seems that Beckham really can’t make it. He’ll be comprising his football career if he’ll force himself to play.

England Team Fabio Capello said that tests were still o the process but it seems that Beckham really can’t make it. “I am very sad for David that he has suffered this injury,” he said in a statement. “We have to wait for the results of the scan, but it looks like he is out of the World Cup.

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