Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo Are Finally Tying The Knot

Nick Lachey, American singer, songwriter, actor, producer and television personality who was once a member of the now defunct boyband 98 degrees, has finally got himself engaged with Vanessa Minnillo, former Miss Teen USA and a New York-based correspondent for Entertainment Tonight.
Lachey and Minnillo have a four-year old romance and are now getting ahead in life.
In a statement in US Magazine, “We’re excited and incredibly happy about our engagement and we look forward to a wonderful future together,” said Nick, 37, and Vanessa, 30.
Lachey happily tweeted the great news: “Hey all. If anyone’s heard the rumors of my engagement, they are absolutely true! Vanessa and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for all the love….I popped the question on bended knee. I do a lot of squats so my knees are very strong.”

A lot of people knew former wife Jessica Simpson had an awkward dispute with Nick and Vanessa. And it is very obvious that she is one of the people who is not happy about this announcement.

No wedding date has been announced yet though Nick will probably be the first one to remarry as Jessica has only been dating her boyfriend, Eric Johnson, for less than a year. Hopefully, Nick, who described Vanessa as “a very smart girl” during an interview last year with Good Day Philadelphia, won’t make the same mistake and do another Newlyweds 2.0 type of reality show, despite the fact that there are probably a lot of people who’d love to see one of his and Vanessa’s intimate, soapy, shower-talks on tape! Nick Lachey And Vanessa Minnillo’s Steamy Secret.

Electric Cars may make Bolivia an instant hit

With the ever present oil price hike not going to back down a bit, the world is seeking for a much cheaper and dependable alternative. Car Manufacturers are on the hunt to find the key for the next automotive revolution, Electric cars. And in a surprising twist, Bolivia may just be the place to start it all.

In December 2010, General Motors is scheduled to release their new Chevy Volt. The volt is not yet  a pure electric vehicle (it has a gas-powered engine that operates in after about 60 kilometers) but General Motors is confident that most drivers of the plug-in vehicle could go quite some time without stopping at the petrol station.

Tony Posawatz, the Volt’s lead engineer, is optimistic about the rise of electric vehicles. “When you look at the growth that exists in countries like China, Brazil, India, Russia et cetera, we may add by 2020 300 million new cars to the planet,” he said. “We’d like many of those new cars, if not most, to be electrically driven,” he added.

Taking a quick look at the Industry, most manufacturers seem like riding along the concept, opting to run the vehicle with lithium-ion battery power.  Industry analysts predict that by 2020, one in 10 vehicles in the world will an electric car.

And here is when the plot gets thicker because if that prediction turns out to be true, experts deemed that the demand for lithium will be what it is like right now for oil, unless new sources are located. And according to experts, these precious commodities might just be lying high in the Bolivian Altiplano, a place where the Andes Mountains are at their widest.

But things won’t be easy as getting there is not like a trip to the grocery. One will have to fly into La Paz, the highest capital city (in altitude) in the world to get there. Most visitors stepping off a plane in La Paz knows of the grinding headaches, loss of breath, hours of acclimatization, and other symptoms associated with altitude sickness.

From La Paz, the next destination will be the Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat in the world. The place extends more than 10,000 square kilometers and contains more than 10 billion tons of salt. Under this “salt colony” hides the treasure– lithium.

According to the the leading science organization providing information on the natural resources, United States Geological Survey, the Salar de Uyuni may contain 28 percent of the world’s supply of lithium.

Lithium is the lightest known metal. For the general public, it is known as the battery that powers the Blackberry, iPod, and other fancy gadgets. For some, Lithium is important for its medicinal value, like treating depression.

But for the car manufacturers, they are seeing a bigger value — its ability to decrease oil demands as it powers the first generation of mass-produced electric vehicles.

If this is true then Bolivia, currently one of the poorest nations in South America, where nearly two thirds of the population lives in poverty, may just hit jackpot as immense economic opportunity may set in.

Myanmar begins tallying votes

After being under attack for “staging” a country election, Myanmar’s first national election poll in 20 years closes and the tallying begins Sunday. The city of Yangon, the country’s former national capital that is also known as Rangoon, was guarded with Riot police.

The Union for Solidarity and Development (USD), a running party supported by the governing junta of mostly ex-military members , sent out numerous election workers to the countryside, where many rural residents didn’t know how to vote, to educate the people on voting.

According to an USD election worker, their objective is not just to campaign for their party but to teach the people on how to vote as many people don’t know how to vote. “These are our candidates for this region. It is not important to put down the name of the party, but the people have to know our symbol and make their mark right here,” he said, showing CNN how it’s done.

And their approach seems to be working — especially in rural areas, where most people in the nation live. One woman told CNN “If someone tells me what to vote, I will follow that guideline because I don’t know anything about the election.”

But critics are not impress with the election with some suggesting it a “sham” or just creating a facade of democracy. Several residents seem to agree, saying they did not expect any changes as a result of the election.

“Nothing will change after the election. The government is not trying to convince us. We don’t matter to them because we are poor,” said one farmer. “I don’t care who will be elected,” he added. “I don’t know whom I will vote for because I have no knowledge of politics.”

Myanmar, also know as Burma, is ruled by the military junta since 1962. The ruling clan has rejected any form of international monitoring for this election. According to Thein Soe, chairman of the election commission the country has many experiences in election and so they don’t see the need for experts on this issue.

“And since we have all ambassadors who are representing their countries, we don’t think we need to invite any special group to observe the election since all the ambassadors are here and can watch it on election day,” Soe said.

Meanwhile, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized the ruling military junta on Sunday.

“We look at Burma today holding flawed elections that once again expose the abuses of the military junta. It’s heartbreaking because the people of Burma deserve so much better,” she said during a visit to Australia.

Leading democracy activist and Nobel peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi refused to participate in the elections, her lawyer Nyan Win. “Since NLD is not participating in this coming election, she doesn’t want to vote,” Win said.

Suu Kyi’s party, The National League for Democracy, did not run for office because a new law had forced the NLD to choose between placing their bets with Suu Kyi and been declared illegal or replacing the Nobel laureate  and resume with the elections.

Pope Praises Gaudi.

Barcelona, Spain – Pope Benedict XVI’s trip to Spain was not a lost cause. In his second visit to Land of La Furia Roja, the pope pushed back against the increasing securalism in the world and defended his religion from critics Sunday as he dedicated the Sagrada Familia church.

“This is the great task before us: to show everyone that God is a God of peace not of violence, of freedom not of coercion, of harmony not of discord,” he said during the Sunday mass.  “I consider that the dedication of this church of the Sagrada Familia is an event of great importance, at a time in which man claims to be able to build his life without God, as if God had nothing to say to him,” added the 83 year old pope.

Pope Benedict XVI, the oldest person to have been elected Pope since Pope Clement XII, also spoke of traditional family and the importance of keeping it “pure”. “The generous and indissoluble love of a man and a woman is the effective context and foundation of human life in its gestation, birth, growth and natural end,” he said. His speech was still a delicate subject especially after the government had just legalized same-sex marriage.

The visit also highlights the Christianity in the person of Antoni Gaudi. The pope praised Gaudi for “overcoming the division between human consciousness and Christian consciousness, between living in this temporal world and being open to eternal life” in designing the Sagrada Familia church, a still-unfinished emblem of the Spanish city of Barcelona.

After more than 100 years, the Sagrada Familia, or “holy family,” church, is still under construction.

Gaudi, a Catalan architect, died in 1926. He was only able to see one tower and most of one facade built.  He originally set out to build 18 towers for the church — 12 for the apostles, four for the evangelists, one for the Virgin Mary and the tallest for Jesus. Today, only eight are finished.

“Gaudi did this not with words but with stones, lines, planes and points. Indeed, beauty is one of mankind’s greatest needs,” Benedict said, speaking in Spanish. “Beauty also reveals God because, like him, a work of beauty is pure gratuity; it calls us to freedom and draws us away from selfishness,” he added.

Crowds filled in the Sagrada Familia itself during the Mass but the overflow area was not. Spain’s King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia were present for the occasion. Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, a Socialist, did not attend. He is out of the country on an unannounced visit to Afghanistan. According to reports, Zapatero will meet the pope briefly at Barcelona’s airport at the end of the pope’s visit.

Spain, a historically Catholic country, is currently experiencing a reverse catholicism. A recent government survey showed that only two in 10 Catholic Spanish regularly attend mass. The pope considers the traditional religion of the country to be under threat.

Pope Benedict XVI was born Joseph Alois Ratzinger. He was born on April 16, 1927 in Marktl, Bavaria, Germany.

Spices For Health And Wellness

Our quest for good health and longevity would lead us to our kitchen wherein precious spices await to give us robust health life-enhancing surprises.

Here are some spices that are a surefire way to wellness!

1. Garlic
It wards off heart disease. It has been shown to improve cholesterol and lower blood pressure. According to the National Health and Medical Research Council, consuming half to one clove of garlic daily may reduce cholesterol by nearly ten percent. As an antibacterial, garlic is often used to treat minor infections.

2. Cinnamon
It has been used as a healing herb for centuries. Research has finally catching up to the wisdom of the East; many clinical studies have linked cinnamon consumption to lowered blood sugar. Both in vitro and human studies show improvement in insulin sensitivity with cinnamon polyphenols, as well as improvement in total and LDL cholesterol. Cinnamon is also thought to detoxify the system and stimulate brain function. Its antiseptic properties give it the ability to fight bladder infection, and if taken in the first 48 hours, a cup of strong cinnamon tea might just nip a bladder infection in the bud.

3. Curry
The active component in turmeric is called curcumin. This substance is associated with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-tumor, and anti-amyloid properties; amyloids are plaque-like proteins that build up in brain tissue, and are responsible for diseases like Alzheimer’s and rheumatoid arthritis. In one randomized control study 107 patients with knee osteoarthritis received either 800 mg per day ibuprofen or 2 grams per day Curcuma domestica extract. Both groups showed improvement in pain on level walking and climbing stairs.

4. Star Anise
It has been used in a tea to remedy rheumatism, and the seeds are sometimes chewed after meals to aid digestion.

5. Cardamom
It has long been valued medicinally for its ability to increase circulation and improve energy. Considered an aphrodisiac in the Middle East, cardamom may also improve digestion, asthma, bronchitis, halitosis, and even help improve a bad mood.

6. Clove
It has been used since ancient times in India to improve digestive function. You may chew on some to alleviate toothaches, sore throats, diarrhea, and stomach cramps.

7. Cumin
It is thought to boost the immune system and also to improve liver function, reduce flatulence, and aid in digestion.

8. Fennel Seed
It helps digestion in two ways: It stimulates the production of gastric juices and also soothes the nervous system, regulating the action of the muscles that line the intestine.

9. Ginger
It helps relieve nausea, arthritis, headaches, menstrual cramps, and muscle soreness.

These spices does not cure but it greatly helps. Special combinations of spices and herbs can bring a powerful immunity.

Warning: always discuss with your physician before treating conditions with spices to avoid any adverse interactions; for example, because garlic and ginger possess natural blood-thinning properties, individuals about to undergo surgery and those taking blood thinners should take extra precaution.

To maintain peak flavor, use spices within six months — but the spice police won’t come knocking at your door if you keep them longer. They like to hang out in a cool, dark place in your pantry to preserve their oils and prevent loss of pungent flavors.

FDA Egg Recall List: Concerns on Salmonella Outbreak

There are current concerns about the eggs in the market being contaminated with Salmonella. Just to be safe, the eggs are to be recalled. The egg recall should include at least 228 million eggs that were produced in Galt, Iowa. Producers of this eggs are by the Wright County Egg and were distributed nationwide.

A massive recall is going on and also just so that consumers are aware, these egg recall affected were those sold under the following brand names – Albertson, Boomsma’s, Lucerne, Mountain Dairy, Hillandale, Sunshine, Trafficanda, Shoreland, Lund, Farm Fresh, Kemps and Dutch Farms.

Plant numbers affected are by the following batches: P-1026, P-1413, and P-1946. The dates (recorded in the “Julian format”) range from 136 to 225, according to a statement by the Egg Safety Center (e.g. P-1413 220 should not be eaten). The recall works with a refund so if you suspect that your eggs are with this batch, you can return and have it refunded on the respective stores where you bought it.

19 American Iconic Products That They Don’t Produce Anymore

1. Rawlings baseballs
Last production was on 1969. It is the official supplier of baseballs to Major League Baseball. The St. Louis shop was founded in 1887 by George and Alfred Rawlings. In 1969 the brothers moved the baseball-manufacturing plant from Puerto Rico to Haiti and then later to Costa Rica.

2. Etch a Sketch
Last production was on 2000. It is an iconic American toy since the ’60s. It was used to be produced in a smalltown of Bryan, Ohio. On December 2000, toymaker Ohio Art decided to move production to Shenzhen, China.

3. Converse shoes
Last production was on 2001. Marquis M. Converse opened Converse Rubber Show Company in Massachusetts in 1908. Chuck Taylors, which was named after All American high school basketball player Chuck Taylor, began selling in 1918 as the show eventually produced an industry record of over 550 million pairs by 1997. But in 2001 sales were on the decline and the U.S. factory closed and now these shoes are made in Indonesia.

4. Stainless steel rebar
Last production was approximately around 2001. Many forms of this basic steel product aren’t domestically available. Multiple waivers to the Buy America Act have allowed purchase of rebar internationally.

5. Dress shirts* (Manufacturers that prduce in large quantities and supplies major brands)
Last production was on October 2002. According to NYT. C.F. Hathaway’s Maine factory had been producing shirts since 1837.

6. Mattel Toys
Last production date was on 2002. Mattel is the largest toy company in the world which closed their last American factory in 2002. They headquartered in California, produces 65 percent of their products in China as of August 2007.

7. Minivans
Last production was around 2003. A waiver to the Buy America Act permitted an American producer of wheel-chair accessible minivans to purchase Canadian chassis for use in government contracts, because no chassis were available from the United States. The waiver specified: “General Motors and Chrysler minivan chassis, including those used on the Chevrolet Uplander, Pontiac Montana, Buick Terraza, Saturn Relay, Chrysler Town & Country, and Dodge Grand Caravan, are no longer manufactured in the United States.”

8. Vending machines
Last production around 2003.

9. Levi Strauss jeans
Last production was on December 2003. Levi Strauss & Co. shut down all its American operations and outsourced production to Latin America and Asia. The company’s denim products have been an iconic American product for 150 years.

10. Radio Flyer’s Red Wagon
Last production date was on March 2004. Radio Flyer decided that Chicago plant was too expensive, it began producing most products, including the red wagon, in China.

11. Televisions
Last production date was on October 2004.
Five Rivers Electronic Innovations was the last American owned TV color maker in the US. The Tennessee company used LCoS (liquid crystal on silicon) technology to produce televisions for Philips Electronics. But after Philips decided to stop selling TVs with LCoS, Five Rivers eventually filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Oct. 2004. As part of its reorganization plan, the company stopped manufacturing TVs. According to Business Week, there are ZERO televisions made in America.

12. Cell phones
Last production date was around 2007.
according to Manufacturing & Technology publisher Richard McCormick, none was made in America out of the 1.2 billion cell phones sold worldwide in 2008.

13. Railroads (parts including manganese turnout castings, U69 guard bars, LV braces and weld kits)
Last production around 2008. Manganese turnout castings are used to widen railroad tracks, and they were used to build our once-great railroad system. U69 guard bars, LV braces and Weld Kits, along with 22 mm Industrial steel chain are basic items that were certifiably not available in the US.

14. Dell computers
Last production date was January 2010.
Dell closed its North Carolina PC factory, its last large U.S. plant. Analysts said Dell would be outsourcing work to Asian manufacturers in an attempt to catch up with the rest of the industry, said analyst Ashok Kumar.

15. Canned sardines
Last production date was on April 2010.
Stinson Seafood plant, the last sardine cannery in Maine and the U.S., shut down in April. The first U.S. sardine cannery opened in Maine in 1875, but since the demand for the small, oily fish declined, more canneries closed shop.

16. Pontiac cars
Last production was on May 2010. The brand was formally killed on Halloween, as GM contracts Pontiac dealerships expired.

The 84-year-old GM brand was famous for muscle cars.

17. Forks, spoons, and knives
Last production date was on June 2010
The last flatware factory in the US closed last summer. Sherrill Manufacturing bought Oneida Ltd. in 2005, but shut down its fork & knife operations due to the tough economy. CEO Greg Owens says his company may resume production “when the general economic climate improves and as Sherrill Manufacturing is able to put itself back on its feet and recapitalize and regroup.”

18. Incandescent light bulb
Last production date was on September 2010. The incandescent light bulb (invented by Thomas Edison) has been phased out. In 2007, Congress passed a measure that will ban incandescents by 2014, prompting GE to close its domestic factory.

19. Pontiac
GM is canceling the 84-year-old brand after winding down production over the past few years. It is restructuring and rebranding to compete with foreign companies.

LeAnn Rimes Appalled By False Reports With Cibrian Engagement

LeAnn Rimes, American singer-songwriter and actress, best known for her work in country music, is apalled with the false reports about her impending engagement to actor boyfriend Eddie Cibrian, and she’s not going to take it anymore.

Rimes tweeted extendedly “Ok, I’ve about had it with the lack of ‘reporting'” in the media, last Friday that calls the online story “150 percent untrue.”

“Eddie and I are beyond happy and in love and look forward to one day sharing such private news with you all,” she writes. “Hopefully will be able to enjoy it privately and share it with our family and friend’s before the world knows.”

Rimes signs off with a rumor of her own: “I’M PREGNANT TOO!!! LOL,” she writes, and finishes with, “Thanks to all of our wonderful fans for the premature congrats, but for now, let’s all be happy we’re happy and still and will remain together! Eddie and I felt we couldn’t let this rumor go on any longer.”

Rumors kicked into high gear earlier this week after the couple posted a Halloween photo in which Cibrian was on bended knee. The couple later said it was a joke.

Lily Allen Rushed To Hospital Due To Blood Poisoning

English recording artist, talk show host, and actress Lily Allen was rushed to the hospital last Friday night.

Allen is admitted due to a potentially fatal blood-poisoning condition called septicaemia in which large amounts of bacteria are present in the blood. If left untreated, the bacterial blood condition can develop into septic shock.

Allen’s publicist informed the U.K’s Daily Mail that she is “responding well” and “continues to improve.” .

The actress just lost her baby boy with Sam Copper just days before this incident. The baby was to be due in January.

It’s the 25-year-old singer’s second such heartbreak – coming almost three years after she suffered a miscarriage during her relationship with musician Ed Simons.

Taylor Swift Sued For the Second Time

The American singer Taylor Swift is being sued for the second time around by her former manager, Dan Dymtrow. The case was filed the reason that the artist has owed the manger millions of dollars that haven’t been paid. Same case was filed against her way back 2007 which has included her family for money matters as well.

Speculations has been spreading why such repetitive incident happens. There must be strong reason behind it. The millions of money involved was supposedly the commission of Dymtrow for managing Swift before she landed on Big Machine Records and became an international sensation. He has managed Swift April 2004 and claimed to have played a vital role for her fame. He has claimed that managing her would also mean 5%-10% commission (or more) from Taylor’s music career. After he has introduced Swift to Big Machine Records, her family fired him to avoid paying him his due commissions.

A statement from Dymtrow’s attorney states that: “They delayed and delayed [the deal] and got rid of my client, ..and subsequently signed the deal and kept his commissions for themselves.”

Swift’s attorney counter stated with the following: “For him to claim that her success and her major contracts were procured by him is ludicrous. And even if there were some merit to his claims, paying him on the contract would defeat the whole purpose of the law in New York, which is to protect minors who sign contracts.”

The result of these issue is still vague. Hoping that justice would prevail as this case pursues.