Automotive Sales Post Growth In July

The month of July showed the second highest sales record since economic downturn in September 2008. Sales numbers to date indicate that July sales rank only second to August 2009, when Cash for Clunkers caused the uptick in sales.

According to George Pipas, director of sales analysis for Ford, the estimated consumer sales growth was at a mere 1% and fleet sales up 35%. This only goes to show that consumers are still cautious at this time.

Volvo suffered from a sales decline of 32% while Ford sales did not meet their prior forecast. What accounted for sales at Ford was a mix of the new Ford Super Duty pickup truck and low volume sales on cheaper units to car rental businesses.

Toyota Motors is currently down 3% from last year, placing third in sales across the United States. The only other company that has a year-over-year decline is Honda, posting a 2% decline.

Wrangler sales are up more than 100% while Chrysler has exceeded their expectations.

Nissan posted a gain of 15% in sales but did not meet their forecasted volume.

Blackberry Torch aka Blackberry Slider 9800

Blackberry Slider 9800 aka “Blackberry Torch” – Here is something new for all Blackberry smartphones fanatics out there. Research In Motion (RIM) recently introduced its latest model of smart phone named Blackberry 9800 or more  commonly known as “Torch”.

So what’s new with this newest Blackberry mobile device? Firs of all, it’s the first of its kind to have a Blackberry 6 device software. With this new software, the phone gets a complete update of the system, apps, and user interface. Second it is the first Blackberry sliding device, thus it is also called by many as “Blackberry Slider”.

On the hardware side, the Blackberry Torch features a 3.2-inch touch screen screen display with a 480×360 (HVGA+) resolution, and 4GB of built-in memory and 512MB of Flash memory. That’s a lot of rooms for all your files like music, videos, documents, and other stuffs. That memory capacity can still be expanded up to 32GB through the device’s MicroSD/SDHC card slot.

The camera resolution has also been upgraded too from the last 3.2-megapixel of Blackberry 9700 to a 5-megapixel. The Blackberry Torch has also built in an image stabilizer–something few smartphones have. Additionally the camera software supports geotagging with the phone’s built-in GPS unit, as well as autofocus.

The phone is set to be on sale starting August 12 at $199. However, it would be initially available with a two-year contract with AT&T. What do you think of this new Blackberry phone? Will it be able to compete with the recent success of Apple’s iPhone?

Shooting Spree At Hartford Distributors in Manchester CT

A warehouse driver who claimed racial harassment at the workplace reportedly shot and killed nine people. The shooter identified as Omar Thornton was an employee of Harford Distributors, a beverage distribution company in Manchester, Connecticut. The shooting incident followed a disciplinary meeting between Thornton and management. Police reported that Thornton shot himself after the shootings.

The disciplinary meeting was supposed to discuss accusations of theft on Thornton. He was given a choice between resigning and being terminated after a year of employment. Police reports stated that as Thornton was being escorted out of the office, he started shooting causing employees to panic and run in different directions.

Eight people were reported dead from the shooting within the distribution facility while another fatality may have been shot outside the company premises. Additionally, there were two wounded victims brought to the hospital. The total headcount of all victims is still to be officially released.

The company owners, the Hollander family, have yet to be reached for comment on the incident.

RIM Announces Blackberry Torch Debut

A new version of the Blackberry is set to invade the smartphone market. Research In Motion, the telecommunications company behind Blackberry smartphones has come up with the Blackberry Torch that is both a touchscreen and QWERT keyboard model on Tuesday.  

The latest model from RIM has made significant upgrades. For one, the Blackberry Torch is the first of its kind to run 6 OS. The QWERTY keyboard comes out in a slide-out which is similar to the Palm Pre multimedia smartphone. The face of phone retains the four basic buttons of a Blackberry- Menu, Talk, Back and Power/End.

One of the commercial improvements in the Blackberry Torch is its improvement on the camera feature. In the past, Blackberry phones produced poor quality photos. The new Blackberry Torch now features a 5-megapixel camera that includes autofocus and image stabilization.

The Blackberry Torch is technologically enhanced to compete within the smartphone industry. The WebKit browser is one of the features of OS 6 which makes it competitive with the Android and Symbian S60.

CTO David Yach of RIM assured the audience at the press event that this new model will work with previous Blackberry applications.

Lady Gaga Has 13 MTV VMA Nominations

Lady Gaga is trying to outdo herself this year. The pop superstar garnered eight nominations at the MTV Video Music Awards last year. This year, she has 13 nominations. What makes this even more special is that Lady Gaga is the first female artist to receive two nominations for two different songs for Video of the Year. These are video clips for the songs “Telephone”, her collaboration piece with Beyonce and “Bad Romance”.

Incidentally, Lady Gaga surpassed her “Telephone” co-star’s milestone in 2009 total of 9 VMA nominations. Beyonce won three of these nine nominations for “Single Ladies” including the Video of the Year.

Other acts in this decade have received multiple nominations in a year. Missy Elliott had two great years. She got 11 nominations in 2001 for “Get Your Freak On” and 8 nominations in 2003 for “Work It”. Fatboy Slim also received 8 nominations in 2001, thanks to Christopher Walken’s tap dancing, for the classic dance clip “Weapon of Choice”.

 In 2005, Green Day also garnered 8 nominations for “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”. The following year, Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie” received 7 nominations. This is the same number of nominations Flea and his Red Hot Chili Peppers gang received in the same year for “Dani California”.

2007 saw Justin Timberlake and Beyonce with 7 VMA nominations. JT was cited for “What Goes Around” and Beyonce for “Irreplaceable”.

Pop icon Madonna still has the most number of VMA awards at 20. Lady Gaga is 19 wins to go to tie with her. On September 12 at the Nokia Theatre in L.A., we will find out if Lady Gaga can inch closer at the 27th MTV Video Music Awards.

An Eye on Tropical Storm Colin

Everyone has been keeping a keen eye on the tropical storm Colin and trying to observe the behavior of the potentially threatening typhoon building up in the Atlantic Ocean.  Recent reports show that the storm is driving away from the gulf of Mexico which is a relief for most as everyone doesn’t want more damage in the BP Oil area.

As to the technicality of the storm, you can visit the’s website to get detailed updates for the tropical storm Colin.  Unless of course you couldn’t understand the technical description there, just keep subscribed in World Correspondents for more friendly updates on the tropical storm Colin.

Updates on Blackberry Torch Announcement

Just as we write for this article, the folks at Blackberry are about to announce the all new Blackberry Torch to be announced this evening.

The all new Blackberry Torch is a more innovative kind of Blackberry.  If you are a Blackberry user and you are loving it now, then you most probably will get more in love with this new device.  Here’s why…

The Blackberry Torch is a touch-screen phone with a whole new operating system.  This should operate  using the all new BlackBerry OS 6 and this should be the new operating platform for the device.  That statement is just backed up by bloggers and tech specialists as they were just speculating on the new device.  But, if you want to be sure, then get updated with us as we fully unveil the facts and specs of the new BlackBerry Torch right after RIM’s announcement today.

So far, there is a lot of expectations with this new BlackBerry Torch.  It is a touch screen phone that should be expected to compete with Apple’s iPhone and other smartphones including the “Androids.”  Technically, pictures have surfaced as to what the new device should look like and yet it is a touch screen, BlackBerry’s signature qwerty keypads still stay intact as the phone slides to reveal the qwerty kepads for usage.

For now, it is said that the Blackberry Torch will be exclusive to AT&T and will be distributed in the US first, then the UK after.  More news will follow as to the specs of the new BlackBerry Torch specs, price, plans, features and release date.

More updates soon, keep subscribed to our blog for latest and up-to-date updates on the all new BlackBerry Torch.

Is Brett Favre Retiring Again?

Brett Favre may or may not return for his 20th season in the NFL. This may put an end to an amazing time with the Minnesota Vikings. Several reports have come out that Favre informed his team that he is not returning this season, his second.

Favre has announced his retirement twice since 2006 but has returned. Coach Brad Childress did not have an inkling of Favre’s retirement but he says that they are ready in case Favre does not return to the Vikings lineup. Granted that he plays next season, he is set to earn $13 million.

Rumors are circulating that Favre’s injured ankle has not been responding to medical treatment. At 40 years, healing and recovery may take a longer time and may be hampered by continuous wear and tear.

In case he retires, Favre leaves the league with three MVP awards, several passing records ahead of Dan Marino and a Super Bowl with the Packers.

Susan Boyle Set to Be in Glee

The new season of Glee is set to start on September 21 but this early creators of the show are already preparing for a Christmas-themed episode – and they are having Susan Boyle in it.

Boyle, who rose to fame last year via “Britain’s Got Talent” will play a high school lunch lady in the said episode. She is also reportedly waxing a Christmas album, so viewers might get a sneak peek of her song selection during her appearance in the Emmy-nominated (19 nominations to be exact) show, as well.

Glee creator Ryan Murphy also glee-fully announced that former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney had sent him a handwritten note and two CDs a couple of weeks ago… “so of course we are going to do something with him.”

Murphy also said, however, that in season 2 ‘We are scaling back a little bit (on music) and concentrating on the stories and doing just five or six songs per episode.”

Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Bill vs. Budget Deficit

Unemployment Extension: Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Bill vs. Budget Deficit – Democrats and Republicans are in a long battle towards the passage of an unemployment extension bill. The Democrats, except for Ben Nelson of Nebraska, support the passage of the bill while the Republicans continue to be against it in an argument that it would just increase the budget deficit of the government.

Clearly, the budget deficit is alarming. There is no doubt about that. Reports say that in the 2010 fiscal year alone, the federal government is projected to collect $2.2 trillion in taxes and spend $3.6 trillion, leaving a deficit of $1.4 trillion. In addition, if the current tax and spending policies continue to be implemented, deficits are estimated to remain near $1 trillion a year for the next decade.

It is worthy to note that the deficit started during the Bush administration especially during its implementation of huge tax cuts coupled with the billions of money used to bail out Wall Street companies during the height of the financial crisis in 2008. So far, the stimulus plan to bring back the economy into its normal growth account for an estimated 28 percent of the budget in 2010 and 14 percent in 2011. To address this issue, Obama earlier called on for a reduction or cut back of the discretionary spending of the government.

There should indeed be a reduction of the expenses. There are other more important things that should be prioritized. However, the Tier 5 unemployment extension bill for the 99ers should not be sacrificed. In fact, according to the Congressional Budget Office, unemployment insurance is the most effective form of economic stimulus, creating $1.93 in GDP for every $1 in unemployment benefits. This is supplemented by Christine Owens, executive director of the National Employment Law Project saying: “Our real deficit is a jobs deficit. It is urgent that Congress act to restore the extended unemployment and COBRA programs as quickly as possible.”

For all 99ers, please don’t get tired to send emails, letters, fax messages, and phone calls to your state Senators. And for all the members of the Congress, reading this, please help the 99ers. They were there to support you during your candidacy. Now, it’s your time to support them.

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