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UFC 114: Rashad Evans vs Quinton Jackson

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The much anticipated UFC 114 live stream is about to begin. UFC 114 will start at exactly 7:00 PM Pacific Time and 10:00 PM Eastern Time. This is one of the most awaited UFC events in the hisory of UFC. Quinton Jackson will be facing Rashad Evans in the main event of UFC 114. The […]

Pacman’s 30th Anniversary Game on Google’s Homepage

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This year is the celebration of Pacman’s 30th Anniversary. It has been 30 years since Pacman was created by Namco. Pacman was first released in May 22, 1980. Pacman was played by billions of kids and adults around the world. And this year, it’s remembered once again as the greatest computer games of all time. […]

The Meaning of SCRAM Bracelet

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The SCRAM bracelet is a recent innovation in the crime fighting scene.  This stands out for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor.  It is actually more popularized by Lindsay Lohan that served as an alternative to jail time. Now, you might want to ask what it does.  It basically detects alcohol consumption through skin’s sweat.  It […]

The Promise of Google TV: It’s coming soon! Really!

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Just today, Google announced another big promise to all netizens.  They just announced that they will have Google TV available in the near future.  Everyone is just as excited about this as their other previous announcement of the Google Chrome OS which has not yet been openly released to the public. Tech savvy people are […]

Harvard Hoax:The Adam Wheeler Case

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23 year old Adam Wheeler has faked all his academic credentials in order for him to be accepted in Harvard in 2007. He was a young resident of Milton, Delaware, and is currently facing 20 counts of theft, identity fraud and other charges. He was accused last Tuesday and paid the bail of $5,000 and […]

Chile Earthquake Earth Axis: A serious natural disaster

March 29, 2015 by · 7 Comments 

The latest news about the earthquake in Chile is indeed a serious natural disaster. Ericka Lim of Daily World Buzz reported that over 500 thousand homes went to havoc during the earthquake in Chile. On the other hand, Chile Earthquake may have shortened days on Earth, as reported by via Yahoo News. NASA scientists […]

Anna Malova Miss Russia 1998 Busted for Illegal Possesion of Drugs

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Miss Russia Anna Malova crowned Miss Russia on 1998.  Currently at the age of 38, she was found to be in the possession of illegal drugs.  She was busted by police last Wednesday, May 19. An officer in charge of special narcotics division saw her walking out of a pharmacy store holding and carrying these […]

April Fools Practical Jokes: Funny Awesome April Fools Pranks Online

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It’s April fools and everyone is sabotaging each other by sending out pranks and doing physical pranks to other people.  For example, people are changing their Facebook statuses online.  Some are getting engaged, some broke up, some got married and had kids.  Everyone is pulling out their on prank. Another good way to punk and […]

Big Welcome for Jessica Watson

March 27, 2015 by · 1 Comment 

After her voyage for 201 days, Jessica Watson, the 16 years old teenager from Queensland has finally arrived. A big and warm welcome is set for her comeback. At exactly 1:53pm on 15 May 2010 (13:53:28 AEST) Watson crossed the finish line in Sydney Harbour. Her arrival is just 3 days before her 17th birthday. […]

John Travolta’s dogs killed in airport accident

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Two dogs belonging to stars John Travolta and Kelly Preston were run over and killed on the runway of Bangor International Airport in Maine after the family’s private jet landed there last Thursday. “The airport takes safety very seriously,” airport director Rebecca Hupp told the BDN, adding the facility generally does not name its visitors […]

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