Cravings for a Cause: Nun Better Cookies

Craving for Cookies and are curious about the so-called Nun Better Cookies? Satisfy your cravings for a cause, order the much-demanded Nun Better Cookies for the Sisters of the Holy Spirit in Cleveland, Ohio. The cookies became famous in their association with the Cleveland Indians Baseball Team. During the slump years during the 80s of the team, the Sisters of the Holy Spirit constantly sends them the said cookies. The sisters also constantly sends the team during the 90s (their winning years).

What’s something to smile about the cookies are its main ingredients of prayer and love and made my prayerful fingers. Flavors such as Butterscotch, Cherry Crunch, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Lemon Crinkle, Snickerdoodle and Thumbprint are widely available for orders online.

Volcano in Iceland Eyjafjallajokull Continues to Erupt: Ash Cloud Over Europe Stays For More Days

The Iceland volcano Eyjafjallajokull is continuously erupting volcanic ashes. This ash cloud in turn paralyzed most of the scheduled airline flights leading to flight cancellation not only in Iceland but also in other parts of Europe since volcanic ash is a major hazard to aircrafts’ engines.

The said Iceland volcano started its seismic activity at the end of 2009. The first volcanic eruption happened on 20 March 2010. It did not bring much disruption. However, the second volcanic eruption which started April 14, 2010 led to widespread disruption of air travel in Europe

This particular Iceland volcano eruption is unqiue since it occured beneath the glacial ice in Iceland and the cold water from melting ice chilled the volcano lava quickly causing it to fragment into glass, creating small glass particles that get carried into the eruption plume.

If you want to see the latest update on satellite images of this Iceland volcanic eruption, Google Earth has a clear view of it on its system. Aside from Google Earth, NASA has also taken some pictures of the eruption of this Iceland volcano via satellite.

To view the latest updates on the pictures on the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland, you may launch Google Earth to see the images. You can also visit NASA’s website to view the complete pictures taken via satellite.

Meanwhile, here is a youtube video of the said Iceland Volcano Eyjafjallajokull eruption. Notice how thick its ash cloud constricting possible airline flights in most parts of Europe.


Nadal Wins 6th Straight Monte Carlo Masters Title

Rafael Nadal just defeated Fernando Verdasco in two straight sets at a score of 6-0, 6-1 to win the Monte Carlo Masters Finals for the sixth straight year and end his title drought. It was an all-Spanish match and Nadal’s last grandslam was during the Rome Masters 2009. For the record, Rafael Nadal is the only youngest player to win 6 straight titles for the Monte Carlo Masters at the age of 23. Nadal’s record is now in line with Britain’s Reggie Doherty, who won the Monte Carlo event six times overall, between 1897-99 and 1902-04.

Even if Roger Federer did not playi at Monte Carlo, Nadal’s win is a good starting point for him to reclaim a French Open title from the most-rivaled Swiss player at Roland Garros when the tournament starts late next month.

F1 China 2010: McLaren’s Back to Back Win

The Shanghai GP has finally ended and it has been a back to back victory by McLaren. Two of its best racers lead the race wherein Jenson Button got the first place followed by team mate Lewis Hamilton in the second place.

During the Qualifying round yesterday, Red Bull has dominated the race with Vettel on the first grid followed by team mate Webber on the second place. However, as the final race went through, McLaren team out shined them.

Basing on the Team’s Points McLaren is now on the lead with 109 followed by Ferrari with 90. McLaren’s first one-two of the season puts the reigning champion Jenson Button back on top with 60 points, followed by Rosberg on 50, Alonso and Hamilton on 49, Vettel on 46, Massa on 41 and Kubica on 40.

F1 China 2010: Chinese Shanghai Grand Prix Result

Button wins the Shanghai Chinese Grand Prix!  Second on the Podium is Lewis Hamilton.  Good job for Mercedez.  Third on the podium is Nico Rosberg.  Meanwhile, team mate Michael Schumacher is tenth on the ranking of about a minute behind team mate Nico Rosberg.  Does Michael Schumacher have a wonky car? or is he loosing his F1 Mojo?

Anyway, check out the complete list of rankings and the result of the Chinese Shanghai Grand Prix result here.

Strikeforce Nashville MMA Fight Scores and Results

The Strikeforce Nashville mixed martial arts fight has been finished. It was held at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, United States and was broadcasted domestically by CBS.

Strikeforce Nashville featured 7 mixed martial arts fights in its Preliminary Card and 3 fights in its Main Card.

So what are the scores and results of each fight? Here are the scores and results of each mixed martial arts fight:

Strikeforce Nashville Preliminary Fight Card Scores and Results:

In the Featherweight bout of Cody Floyd vs. Thomas Campbell, Cody Floyd emerged as the winner defeating Thomas Campbell in Round 3 via KO (Knee).

In the Flyweight bout of Dustin Ortiz vs. Justin Pennington, Dustin Ortiz defeated Justin Pennington via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) in Round 1 with time 4:27.

In the Middleweight bout of Zach Underwood vs. Hunter Worsham, Zach Underwood won via Unanimous Decision in Round 3 with time 5:00.

In the Light Heavyweight bout of Josh Schockman vs. Cale Yarbrough, Cale Yarbrough won via TKO (Knee and Punches) in Round 2.

In the Welterweight bout of Dustin West vs. Andrew Uhrich, Andrew Uhrich won via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) in Round 1 at time 1:36.

In the Light Heavyweight bout of Chris Hawk vs. Ovince St. Preux, Ovince St. Preux won the title in Round 1 via TKO (Punches) at 1:36.

In the Middleweight bout of Jason Miller vs. Tim Stout, Jason Miller won via TKO (Punches) in Round 1 at 3:09.

Strikeforce Nashville Main Fight Card Scores and Results:

In the Lightweight Championship bout of Gilbert Melendez vs. Shinya Aoki, Gilbert Melendez won in Round 5 via Unanimous Decision with official scores of 50-45 x 3.

In the Light Heavyweight Championship bout of Gegard Mousasi vs. Muhammed Lawal, Muhammed Lawal won in Round 5 via Unanimous Decision with official scores of 49-45 across the board.

In the Middleweight Championship bout of Jake Shields vs. Dan Henderson, Jake Shields won via Unanimous Decision in Round 5 with official scores of 49-46, 49-45 and 48-45.

Boston Marathon 2010 Sponsor and Top Contenders a No Show

With the recent problems on air travel that would be a hazard for air passengers since the volcanic eruption on Iceland that spewed ash, some of the top contenders for the upcoming Boston Marathon 2010 have already withdrawn from the event.  Even John Hancock himself, who is one of the main sponsors for the Boston Marathon has already announced his upcoming absense to the event because of rescheduled flights. European contenders were greatly affected by the ashfall.

Meanwhile, the Boston Athletic Association are still making ways to accomodate as much of the top contending runners to still be able to run despite the problems in schedule and travel. BAA has made provisions for runners to still pick up their race kits or race bibs until the Boston Marathon 2010 Race Day this coming Monday.

Strikeforce Nashville MMA Fight on CBS

For all mixed martial arts fanatics out there, another mixed martial art event is about to happen. Strikeforce Nashville will be held on April 17, 2010 at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. The event will be broadcasted domestically by CBS.

The main fight card features three exciting mixed martial arts fight. In the Middleweight Championship bout, Jake Shields, the Rumble of the Rock Champion will try to defend his belt against Dan Henderson.

In the Lightheavyweight Championship bout, Gegard Mousasi,  the former Dream Middleweight Champion and previous Cage Warriors Middleweight Champion will face Muhammed Lawal, a former collegiate wrestling champion.

In the last fight of the main card particularly in the Lighweight Championship bout, Gilbert Melendez, a Mexican-American professional mixed martial arts fighter from Santa Ana, CA. will try to defend his title against Shinya Aoki of Japan.

Who are your bets to win in this Strikeforce Nashville mixed martial arts fight event?

The Strikeforce Nashville mixed martial arts fights will air tonight live on CBS, at 9pm Eastern Time with a tape delay for the West coast.  Fans in the triangle will find the event broadcast live on WRAL channel 5.

Menawhile, here’s the official fight card of the Strikeforce Nashville mixed martial arts event:


  • Jake Shields (c) vs. Dan Henderson
    Strikeforce Middleweight Championship
  • Gegard Mousasi (c) vs. Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal
    Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Championship
  • Gilbert Melendez (c) vs. Shinya Aoki
    Strikeforce Lightweight Championship


  • Middleweight bout: Jason Miller vs. Tim Stout
  • Light Heavyweight bout: Chris Hawk vs. Ovince St. Preux
  • Welterweight bout: Dustin West vs. Andrew Uhrich
  • Light Heavyweight bout: Josh Schockman vs. Cale Yarbrough
  • Middleweight bout:  Zach Underwood vs. Hunter Worsham
  • Flyweight bout: Dustin Ortiz vs. Justin Pennington
  • Featherweight bout: Cody Floyd vs. Thomas Campbell

New Health Care Bill Pros and Cons: Summary, Good Side and Bad Side

The much talked about issue in USA today is the New Health Care Bill. It made the whole country stop for a while and they all watched the Representatives a while ago for it to be passed. The voting is over and the bill went through the House.

There has been speculations on what is this bill all about, what it covers, what are its good side and as usual and as always its bad side. The bill would cover a lot of individuals including those who already have illnesses, as to the insurance companies, it is somewhat unfair. They would be expecting losses especially for those who have pre-existing conditions. For those who are less likely be experiencing diseases, it is also unfair because they can’t use the insurance that much, though sickness is really unpredictable, it really pays to be ready.

Another thing that it brings is that the fine that they would be imposing for those who don’t have insurance 4 years from now. The fine would cost $695. The bill somewhat became compulsory. If there would be fines for non compliance, the tendency for this one is flooding of clients, could the insurance companies keep up with it, especially when most of the clients have pre-existing conditions.

The country would then be spending a lot of money for this. As the mostly said statement in the House awhile ago says, ” We would be spending money that we don’t have.”

The Americans are just hoping that the good side of the bill will out weigh the bad side. They are hoping that the bill wold be implemented well.

Qualifying Results of the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai F1 2010

The Formula 1 race has moved on to Shanghai, China.   Amazing progress is on the works for our favorite teams.  Red Bull – Renault is doing a pretty good job keeping on top of the game by having Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber effortlessly fall on top of the grid.  They are followed by Fernando Alonzo of Ferrari.  Felipe Massa was on 7th grid.

Meanwhile, our favorite legend Michael Schumacher has not been doing good but at least he made it to the top 10 grid.  Still not enough for the awesome driver that he was.  If he would have came back with Ferrari (his old team), how different would things be?  What do you think?

Click here for the complete list of the Qualifying grid and the best times of the drivers.

*photo credit: F1 Fanatic blog