iPad Sales Reached 300,000 on First Day of Launch

Apple Inc. began selling its much awaited iPad last Saturday, April 3, 2010 drawing long lines of eager customers waiting to be among the first owners of a tablet-style device.

Notwithstanding the rains in some of the Apple stores, hundreds of people line up to purchase or pick up Apple’s iPad. Upon seeing the turn out of ipad sales through the long lines, Apple employees cheer up.

According to the official tally of Apple, iPad sales in the first day of sale reached more than 300,000. Prices of these iPad with Wi-Fi only start at $499. Apple will also start selling their iPad 3Gs which are costlier later this month.

Moreover, Apple says that during its first day of sale of the iPad, iPad owners have already downloaded over a million applications from its app store and more than 250,000 electronic books.

Apple’s iPad sales is really overwhelming with a turnover of more than $150,000,000 in just its first day of sale! Wow! Congratulations to Steve Jobs and to all Apple employees!

India vs Australia Results and Replay: World Cup Hockey 2010

The World Cup Hockey match between India and Australia was awesome. Australia made a spectacular performance during the match. They won in this match in Pool B with a final score of 5-2. This match was played in Major Dhyan Chand stadium in New Delhi on Tuesday.

This is the second match of India after defeating team Pakistan.

On the other hand, team Australia did all their best and dominated the entire match forcing the Indians to remain defensive and concede five goals.

Glen Turner played brilliantly for Australia in the India vs Australia World Cup Hockey Match. Because of Glen Turner’s superb performance and skills, they won the match against the host country.

Desmond Abbott, Liam De Young, and Luke Doerner scored one goal each for the winners. Vikram Pillay and Rajpal Singh from India scored making the defeat a little palatable for the hosts.

More news about the 2010 World Cup Men’s Hockey will be posted here at the World Correspondents. Live Stream, Replay Videos and Scores will also be available as the game goes by.

500 Internal Server Error: Meaning and Info

I must say that all of us had probably encountered moments likes when you try to go to a certain website, you would be directed to page where in you can see a white background and words in bold text and reads 500 Internal Server Error. It often annoys us because it would inculcate into our minds that the website we are trying to look might be in trouble or we can’t have certain information that we want because we can’t access the website.

These words that we were able to read are one those HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) response status codes. It might be confusing now but some computer geeks they truly understood these. Let’s start with the HTTP or the HyperText Transfer Protocol. It is an Application Layer protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems. It comes in a very complex system wherein several chracaters of events are involved which leads to a page in the internet which answers the questions we have in our minds every time we search on something. If you can observe, this HTTP can be often found in the beginning of every URL that appears in out browser bar.

If the site that we would try to find has encountered error there would always be a HTTP response status codes. Some codes are accompanied with reasons. When we see 500 Internal Server Error, it is a generic error message, given when no more specific message is suitable. This code has been encountered last Monday when the Youtube website was being accessed. There must have been something wrong that has happened. It lasted 1 hour but eventually the widely used website was able to return in the internet world.

Breaking News: Western Mexico Hit by 7.2 Quake

There has been a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck Mexican Peninsula of Baja California according to US officials, it earthquake was also felt in Los Angeles and Nevada. Buildings were seen to be swaying in LA that lasted for about a minute. Roads has been checked as well as bridges and power lines.

Base on the US Geological Survey, the quake struck 1540 (2240 GMT), 26km (16 miles) south-west of Guadalupe Victoria in Baja California, at a depth of 32km. As of the moment, the rides of the Disneyland theme park. There has been no casualties reported yet as of the moment.

If you were in the vicinity during that time, please share your experience and reports here.

Easter Egg Archives: Find Hidden Easter Eggs in Various Forms

It’s Easter Sunday today. Happy Easter to everybody! In this Easter celebration, Easter Egg hunt is one of the most famous activities most especially for kids.

However, Easter Egg hunt is not only restricted for kids in the backyard. With today’s advance technology, Easter Egg hunting is also an activity of adults  through the use of the internet.

Having said that, there’s this Easter Egg Archive that gathers all possible Easter Eggs hidden in movies, tv shows, software, music, books, and art. Users and visitors are allowed to submit their own Easter Egg findings. Currently, they already have a total of 13,577 Easter Eggs found in various forms.

Admittedly, I salute these users who submit their own Easter Egg findings in this Easter Egg Archive. They really have very detailed eye sight. If ever you found one, you can submit it to Easter Egg Archives here.

Alternatively, Easter Egg Archives has set up a discussion for all your questions and concerns here.

Easter Quotes, Easter Bible Verses: He is Risen, Christ the Lord is Risen Today Lyrics

Happy Easter everyone!

Every one is celebrating by sending out Easter Quotes, Easter Bible  verses, Easter jokes, and Easter blessings to everyone through text message and sms.  Also, some religions celebrate by singing Easter hymns for Easter is the day thet He is risen – Christ the Lord.

Some pagan groups also celebrate Easter by having Zombie Jesus pictures and videos.  This might be offensive to some people though.

Anyway, all is good and if you are asking “Is Walmart open on Easter?” then they definitely are as usually malls open by this time and operate as normal especially the restaurants.

You can also search for Christ the Lord is Risen Today lyrics online via music lyrics websites.  Enjoy a happy Easter feast!

2010 NCAA Final Four Basketball Scores: Duke vs. West Virginia Score

Everyone is excited in the 2010 NCAA National Championship Basketball Tournament between Duke University and Butler University. This will be held on Monday, April 5, 2010 at 9:21pm Eastern Time.

However, before we proceed with the National Championship, let’s look the Final Four scores who have successfully reached up to that level in the 2010 NCAA Men’s Division Basketball Tournament.

The 2010 NCAA Final Four consists of basketball teams Michigan State, Butler University, West Virginia, and Duke University. Michigan State had a close basketball match with Butler University. Butler University won with a final score of 52-50.

On the other hand, Duke University had a basketball match against West Virginia and Duke University won with final score of 78-57. Overall, West Virginia was led by basketball player Wellington Smith while the Duke University was led by Kyle Singler.

I am pretty sure that as early as now, tickets are sold out to the upcoming National Championship. Alternatively, NCAA is providing us a way to watch the basketball game match online here.

Results of the 2010 F1 Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang

Two Red Bull teams dominated the game.  Fortunately, it didn’t rain on the track and this was a relief in the Malaysian Sepang Track!  We are all glad to watch the race get finished without rain interruptions.

Anyway, First place went to Sebastian Vettel and his fans were really proud of him.  Second place went to Mark Webber in the podium.  Both of them are from Red Bull – Renault teams.  Third in the podium was Nico Rosberg for Mercedes.  Nico is Michael Schumacher’s team mate.  Michael however is nowhere to be found on the top 10 this race.  He was doing okay on the last two races but he just was not fortunate enough today and in face he retired on lap 9.

Anyway, more F1 updates and details about the Malaysian Grand Prix 2010 and results here.

Latest NCAA 2010 Basketball Tournament Semifinals: Butler Advances to the

They has been described as being the Cinderella in this season but coach Brad Stevens doesn’t care. “I don’t care about being called a Cinderella or a mid-major. We don’t have resources that other teams have, and that’s just a fact. But resources don’t win games. We have a lot of guys with big hearts.” — Butler coach Brad Stevens. For all their critics they should all shut up now, because Cinderella has proven its worth.

Butler, being the first team who were able to make it first to qualify for the Final Four has really made all the way. One more win and Indianapolis would have been so proud. Being the host this year, having their own team playing would be of great pride. The Bulldogs defeated top seeded teams and now emerged as being one of them.

Gordon Hayward had 19 points and nine rebounds, including one with 2 seconds left that sealed the game and has been the reason of their win against the famous Michigan St.

Easter Sunday Recipes: How to boil Easter Eggs? How long do you boil and Egg?

EHappy Easter Sunday!  A lot of people are preparing their Easter Sunday meals and celebrate it with loved ones.  A lot of people are also preparing their Easter Eggs.

In boiling eggs, the best time to boil eggs are from 12 – 15 minutes if you want it hard boiled.  If you want the egg to be a little bit soft inside, 8 minutes is the best time to boil it.   Make sure not to over fire the pot.

Anyway, we have other recipes available for your Easter Sunday so do subscribe on World Correspondents.

Happy Easter!