6.6% Increase In Philippines’ GDP Indicates Progress

Photo: Rappler
Photo: Rappler
When 2012 ended, there has been a significant improvement in the Philippines’ GDP (2012). In fact, there has been a 6.6% increase making the country as one of Asia’s best performing economies.

This sign of progress will just convince a lot of foreign investors or even convince them to spend their retirement years living in the Philippines.

The increase was slightly higher that the projected 5%. Neighboring countries like Vietnam got 5.4% and Singapore with 1.1%. Last year (2011), the country also had a positive increase at 3.9%.

This economic growth might not be felt by the majority of Filipinos but this is quite an achievement. The country is slowly improving and if it continues, the country will probably become of the most developed in Asia.

The present government might have been struggling and still dealing with a lot problems carried over from the previous administration, but with all these statistics, they are clearly on the right path.

Progress will not come in easily as it will require hard work, perseverance and a lot of sacrifices. The economy is just one aspect of defining a certain country. Poverty will always be present but eventually it will be lessen over time. Jobs that were previously scarce are slowly increasing and in no time, the percentage of unemployment will eventually decrease.