Eyebrows Raised For Chris Brown and Rihanna’s Recent Collaboration

It’s been 3 years since the controversial ‘Chris Brown beating Rihanna” news and now both of them will be together again. Not as a couple though but with a recent album collaboration.

The news started to go viral in the internet world when the pair intentionally leaked it via social networking site, Twitter. Rihanna’s recent track “Birthday Cake” will be featuring Brown’s vocals. Her producers in fact tweeted that this would truly rocked the world.

Indeed it rocked the world, as who would have thought that after all the beating up 3 years ago, these two singers will be joining each other again.

If we’re going to use poker games as a comparison, it would be like collaborating with your immortal texas holdem poker opponent wherein you would be risking a lot and more than ready to be treated badly once again.

Sorry for the lame comparison but it is really odd. It’s not that Rihanna should not forgive Chris Brown but with this collaboration , there is a possibility that their romance will have a its ‘Part 2′.

Brown is currently serving five years’ probation for brutally assaulting Rihanna three years ago on the eve of the Grammy Awards.

Rihanna’s decision would always be hers and no one can ever tell her what to do. If she’s going to be happy with it then be it.

Play It Right With Stocks

Investing on a stock market is like playing chess; isn’t just a game of luck but of surmountable strategy. With a fluctuating market and seemingly unpredictable trend of individual players and business entities, risks are equally as high as possible investment returns. Rookies therefore must learn more than just the basics.

One of the most precious secret in stock market investing is having intelligent stock picks. A player must be aware that the value of the investment is not in their own control. The value of the stocks depend on the company’s revenue and earnings; much less, is how much individuals are willing to pay the shares that you own at the current time. To outperform the market, one has to give in to fear and play with a strategy. Risky though, favorable returns come to those who know how to outwit the other traders. It is therefore advisable to know how to get in or out in order to lock in profits and/or save oneself from potential disaster of losing.

In the Philippines, improving economy and enforced fiscal investment policies have boost the business confidence of the local market. Investing in the Philippine Stock Exchange is one of the growing business avenue. The country’s stock market is now picking up and grows at par with other Asian equity market counterparts. People are more secured. In effect, more and more get interested and flock into trading with their own individual methodologies. Analysts are looking into a larger number of investors in the next quarter.

Memories of Mexico

I remember the local bus stations, the restaurants I dined in and, more vividly, the faces of generous and hardworking people I had crossed paths with. What I don’t remember are the scenes of carnage, the decapitated heads and soldiers patrolling the streets in diesel-belching vehicles.

It was the end of Spring Break, in 2008, when I had crossed the Texas-Mexico border on foot at three in the morning. The streets were desolate and quiet except for the faint banter of taxi drivers trying to hustle lone travelers like myself. One guy offered me a lift to the consulate for my tourist visa, even though it was still closed, for an above-average rate. I declined. Another guy offered me hookers. I declined that as well. As seedy as that sounds, it was actually a peaceful time along the border. Nowadays, those taxi drivers are probably not faring too well, because no one wants to be out and about when the Zetas, Sinaloa and other drug cartels are splattering the streets with blood in the most gruesome fashion.


Photo by Michael Mira. Bridge connecting Brownsville, Texas and Matamoros, Mexico.


When the first major outbreaks of violence erupted in Mexican states along the border, they were generally limited to certain hot spots, or staked territories of different drug cartel factions, but after an arson attack at a casino last August, in Monterrey–a city which hosts many large companies and a relatively low crime rate–the illusion of safety was shattered.

It also doesn’t help that corruption is rampant within the government, both local and federal levels. In fact, many citizens blamed the government–particularly President Felipe Calderón–for escalating the violence in the notorious War on Drugs. According to a report by the BBC, about 1,000 police officers in the state of Veracruz failed lie-detector tests. The average salary of men in uniform below the border are lower than their counterparts in the United States, making it enticing to bite on money baited by criminal organizations.

The government has also been criticized for exaggerating the facts when it came to the statistics it used in victory declarations, claiming that most casualties in armed scrimmages with the cartels are criminals. But the sobering figures actually show that civilians also make up a good percentage of casualties. They’re trying to show the citizens and, more importantly, the United States, that their war against the cartels is effective.

This is not to take anything away from the armed forces of Mexico. I commend those who truly fight for their beautiful country’s future and resist corruption, but they are outgunned and outfunded by the various cartels, and this makes it more difficult for them to do their job. There have been major victories, such as the arrest of Jose Antonio Torres, an affiliate of the Sinaloa, and the capture of Louis Jesus Sarabia Ramon, a leader of the deadly Zetas cartel. But just as with the Taliban, when one leader goes down, another is appointed as replacement almost immediately.

The other problem with arresting leaders is that this creates a vacuum within the organization and thus can spark a power struggle, which of course will lead to more violence.

No. This is not the Mexico I remember. It has only been three years since I’ve stepped foot on to Mexican soil, but the changes have been drastic. I remember the taco vendor near the Matamoros park. My stomach praised him like a god. I remember the hardworking man who gave me coins for a bus fare because I didn’t have Mexican pesos yet; giving me, an American from the suburbs, his hard-earned money with a smile, just because it was the decent thing to do for a stranger. I remember the bartender in Barrio Antiguo who lavished me with stories and enough salsa to send me to gastronomy heaven.

That’s the Mexico I remember—the kind, tough, lively people who are unfairly caught between the bullets.

Bachelor President Of The Philippines Celebrates 52nd Birthday

A man whose parents fought for the country’s democracy and now running the entire country Philippines as president, Benigno S. Aquino III has reached the age 52.

Normally, 52 is an age of a married man but President “Noy” Aquino is a bachelor to behold. Some are saying he chose to become one when he won the presidency and rather concentrated on how he would govern the entire nation.

President Noy is the third of five children of the martyred Senator Benigno S. Aquino Jr. and former President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino. After the death of his mom, he took over the presidential candidacy and gained the votes of the people.

His love life has been one of the most talked about topics since he stepped into office as the nation has been looking forward who’s going to be the lucky first lady.

His sister Kris Aquino who happens to be a media personality begged to the public to just spare the president from these things but she just can’t control it. Being the president of the country, having a private life is very impossible. People nowadays are well equipped with the technology that even cellphones can capture candid pictures and immediately share it to the social networking sites. The press are also utilizing multimedia reporting for faster transmission of news. Some are even looking for multimedia training school Philippines online for further studies. That’s why, every move of the President has been monitored.

The following are the significant legislation that he signed as listed by Manila Bulletins’s website.

1. Republic Act (RA) 10149, GOCC Governance Act of 2011, which seeks to curb abuses in government firms.

2. RA 10150, amending the Electric Power Industry Reform Act.

3. RA 10151, allowing the employment of night workers.

4. RA 10152, providing for mandatory basic immunization services for infants and children.

5. RA 10153, synchronizing the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao’s election with national and local polls.

6. RA 10154, to ensure the early release of retirement pay, pensions, gratuities of retiring government employees.

7. RA 10157, institutionalizing the Kindergarten education into the Basic Education System.

Super Bowl XLVI Online Watching Now Made Possible, Legally!

Super Bowl fans who happen to be netizens would usually find ways to watch the game online for FREE. Sad to say, live streaming online of big events such as the Super Bowl match are most often prohibited and finding a decent one on the day of the game would be like passing through a needle hole.

For the first in the history of Super Bowl broadcasting, the big game is going to be streamed live online legally. NBC, the broadcast partner for this year would be live streaming the game in their official website, NBCSports.com. The game can also be seen live at NFL.com starting 2 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, February 5th.

NBCSports.com will feature HD-quality streams from multiple camera angles, DVR-like functionality to pause and replay the action and a lot of social features.

For those Verizon subscribers on the go, the game can also be witnessed via NFL Mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

For those who are rooting for the ads, it can also be seen via Hulu, Youtube’s AdBlitz channel.

Watching the Super Bowl these days has never been the same. The scope of its viewers has widen and has been attracting more in the coming days.

E-commerce revolution has driven discounting change

Here’s the latest news from Microsoft by Dan Smith. He said that the e-commerce revolution has changed the way discounting is applied to brands.

Director of fashion e-tailer theOutnet.com Stephanie Phair claimed that discounting is something that “used to happen in friends and family sales, sample sales or in bricks and mortar outlets 25 miles away from the flagship”.

She claimed that brands used to maintain their image within the confines of their retail state and discounting was “something very separate”, but the internet has changed this situation as it “demands transparency”.

“At the same time if you look at the consumer, thanks to the internet and shopping online, the consumers have changed the way [they shop],” Ms Phair said.

Referring to the fashion industry in particular, she suggested that trends have also altered, making discounted clothing more acceptable.

“Suddenly, vintage was the way to shop and eBay became a treasure trove for vintage. There was an evolution there and previous season became acceptable and cool,” she added.

According to the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index, Britons spent £4.2 billion online in October 2009.

However, statistics show that market growth dipped significantly during the recent postal strikes.