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Eyebrows Raised For Chris Brown and Rihanna’s Recent Collaboration

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It’s been 3 years since the controversial ‘Chris Brown beating Rihanna” news and now both of them will be together again. Not as a couple though but with a recent album collaboration. The news started to go viral in the internet world when the pair intentionally leaked it via social networking site, Twitter. Rihanna’s recent […]

Play It Right With Stocks

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Investing on a stock market is like playing chess; isn’t just a game of luck but of surmountable strategy. With a fluctuating market and seemingly unpredictable trend of individual players and business entities, risks are equally as high as possible investment returns. Rookies therefore must learn more than just the basics. One of the most […]

Memories of Mexico

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I remember the local bus stations, the restaurants I dined in and, more vividly, the faces of generous and hardworking people I had crossed paths with. What I don’t remember are the scenes of carnage, the decapitated heads and soldiers patrolling the streets in diesel-belching vehicles. It was the end of Spring Break, in 2008, […]

Bachelor President Of The Philippines Celebrates 52nd Birthday

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A man whose parents fought for the country’s democracy and now running the entire country Philippines as president, Benigno S. Aquino III has reached the age 52. Normally, 52 is an age of a married man but President “Noy” Aquino is a bachelor to behold. Some are saying he chose to become one when he […]

Super Bowl XLVI Online Watching Now Made Possible, Legally!

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Super Bowl fans who happen to be netizens would usually find ways to watch the game online for FREE. Sad to say, live streaming online of big events such as the Super Bowl match are most often prohibited and finding a decent one on the day of the game would be like passing through a […]

E-commerce revolution has driven discounting change

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Here’s the latest news from Microsoft by Dan Smith. He said that the e-commerce revolution has changed the way discounting is applied to brands. Director of fashion e-tailer Stephanie Phair claimed that discounting is something that “used to happen in friends and family sales, sample sales or in bricks and mortar outlets 25 miles […]

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