Philippine Tourism For Divorcees Is A Big No No!

Philippines is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that is amazingly blessed with rich natural resources. White sand beaches, crystal clear lagoons, virgin forests that houses endangered species of various animals and even the recently claimed as one the 7 wonders of world Puerto Princessa Underground River can be found in the country. These natural wonders are more than enough to lure tourists to visit the country.

That’s why when reports came out that the country’s Department of Tourism (DOT) has been promoting the Philippines as the best destination for broken hearted or divorcees to move on with their lives, a lot of eyebrows were raised disapproving the marketing scheme.

“The Department of Tourism is treading on dangerous waters. Marketing the Philippines as a destination for divorcees is practically synonymous to marketing the Philippines as a destination for sex tourists,” says Luz Ilagan, a representative of a Filipino women’s group Gabriela.

“How exactly does the tourism department envision its role in promoting our country? You cannot promote the country as a place to comfort and console the broken hearted without bringing in Filipino women in the equation,” Ilagan added.

All of these started when DOT’s Assistant Secretary Domingo Ramon Enerio III was quoted saying that among the targeted markets of the country’s tourism are those running away from domestic turmoil. “If we can be a wedding or honeymoon destination, we can also become a destination for those in search of personal fulfillment, including thoseā€¦ in flight from domestic turmoil,” Enerio said.

Gabriela strongly disagrees with Enerio’s point of view as they are much concerned on the protection of Filipinas who have become victims of the sex industry. Ilagan challenged the department to rethink its strategies as this divorcee marketing highlights their role in the perpetuation of sex tourism in our country.

Chris Bech once visited the country as a tourist. He married a Filipina and settled in the Philippines for good. He stayed not only because his wife is living here but he just fell in love with the country’s beautiful beaches. Chris Bech now promotes the Samar Islands and has been encouraging his fellow expats to stay in the country for a comfortable retirement. He is just one of those tourists who were encouraged to stay and invest simply because of the country’s natural resources and not because of the presence of its beautiful women.

From Sweetness To Bitterness, The Kim-Kris Love Story

Almost all relationships that didn’t work out would eventually lead to bitterness. The couple who used to be best friends before they entered the intimate relationship now turned to be mortal enemies. It’s actually part of the process and in a matter of time, both would be able to forgive each other but the relationship can never be the same. As to the latest buzz among the controversial couples in the Hollywood industry, the Kim-Kris breakup has been the most talked about. Any article written with their names on it can acquire that much traffic that even irrelevant ads about boats for sale in Philippines can be placed. Breakups in the Hollywood is a common thing and changing partners can happen as fast as you change your clothes and their breakup just proved the existence.

At one time they’re so in love and all of a sudden they hate each other. From courtship, engagement, wedding preparations up to the extravagant wedding ceremony has been caught on tape for everyone to witness. Well, sad to say their love story is not all about it. It didn’t have a happy ending because after 72 days, Kim came out ranting to media that she’s filing a divorce. Many were stunned, though others were expecting it but not that fast.

During the Sunday premiere of Kourtney and Kim Take New York Kris appeared to be the “bad guy” in the relationship. Kris might have seen the show and counter-reacted by not pursuing the divorce. Instead, he wants their marriage to be annulled. He will be filing court papers for legal separation for the entire thing to appear to have never really happened. Annulment is way much stressful to handle than a having a divorce and they could end up hurting each other that much in the entire process. It seems that Kris is having his vengeance by contradicting Kim’s plans.