Anne Hathaway Debuts New Pixie Cut

Thanks to high-profile movie roles in “The Devil Wears Prada” and “The Princess Diaries,” Anne Hathaway seems to have become an icon for elegant, perfectly coiffed long hair.

She has gone from long layers to the Lob (a.k.a. the “long bob”) in recent years and her hairstyle, like the gown she would be wearing, has always been on a watch-list of sorts at every major Hollywood event .

This time, Anne has followed the lead of Emma Watson who now belongs to a group of fresh-faced pixie cut starlets — Emma and Anne’s latest looks fall in line with the close-cropped coifs of Carey Mulligan, Michelle Williams, and Mia Wasikowska.

However, while Emma’s and Carey’s ‘dos were snipped super-short, Anne’s chestnut layers are a bit longer, and parted to the side.

According to Hathaway insiders, the cut is for her role in the upcoming romantic comedy “One Day,” currently shooting in London. The movie is based on a novel of the same title, which was written by David Nicholls, and tells the love story of Emma (played by Anne) and Dexter (played by Jim Sturgess), who meet at college graduation and reunite one day each year for the next 20 years.

Legendary UFC Fighter Chuck Liddell Shaves Iconic Mohawk

Chuck Liddell is a former UFC light heavyweight champion who has helped define mixed martial arts as it is today. During his prime as a fighter, Liddell was one of the most feared strikers who was also an underrated wrestler. His takedown defense enabled him to keep on the feet where he is most dangerous.

Despite losing five of six previous fights by knockout, Chuck Liddell remains a mixed martial arts icon. While he may not have the best work ethic in the past staying out late partying, he is still considered a class act as a champion and former champion.

His most recent knockout loss was on June 12 at UFC 115 to former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin who has moved to light heavyweight. He broke Franklin’s arm with a kick. Days after the fight, Franklin put on a pink cast for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Liddell and Franklin autographed the cast that was raffled off for a good cause.

On Monday, Chuck is trying to make the world a better place once again as he supports BIC, the razor makers, for BIC 4 GOOD. This movement encourages people to shave their heads for charity. Liddell has kept his signature mohawk hairstyle for 18 years but he is now shedding it off as BIC makes donations to Do Something, a movement that encourages volunteerism among youth.

Liddell became popular as a fighter for his fearless style of always going for the knockout. Now he continue to win more fans as he shows that MMA fighters can contribute to the

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Denver Broncos Scores: NFL Preseason 2010 Results

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Denver Broncos Scores: NFL Preseason 2010 Results -Pittsburg Steelers and Denver Broncos are currently facing in the last match of the NFL Preseason Week 3 live at the Invesco Field at Mile High. The game kicked off at 8PM Eastern Time.

In the first round, Denver Broncos takes a 4-point lead scoring 7 as against Pittsburgh Steelers score of 3. In the second round, Denver Broncos once again lead the match with a score of 10 as against the Pittsburgh Steelers score of zero. The game is currently on its third round and Denver Broncos is currently leading with a total score of 17 – 3.

Who do you think will win in this match? Is Denver Broncos a sure win? You can track the scores and live updates from the NFL Game Center here.

Black Ribbon Meaning Under Google Homepage Commemorates Hurricane Katrina

Black Ribbon Meaning Under Google Homepage Commemorates Hurricane Katrina – If you are regularly checking the web for any updates, you would perhaps notice the black ribbon located below Google’s homepage. If you hover your mouse into that image of black ribbon, you would notice that it pertains to Hurricane Katrina, the costliest natural disaster in the history of the United States.

The black ribbon symbolizes the thousands of lives and livelihoods that were lost during the height of Hurricane Katrina. It started in the Bahamas on August 23, 2005 and on August 29, exactly five years ago from now, Katrina officially made landfall near Buras-Triumph, Louisiana with 125 mph winds, as a strong Category 3 storm.

The effects of Katrina were felt throughout the Gulf Coast Regions with Louisiana and Mississippi being the most destroyed states which experienced great floods. By August 30th Katrina had dissipated, however, the damage remained for years. The black ribbon under Google’s logo will bring to the the attention of millions of people worldwide the tragedy that it was. Perhaps, it also calls us to be more aware about hurricane season so that we will be more prepared when another Katrina comes.

James Toney vs. Randy Couture Fight Video Results at UFC 118

James Toney vs. Randy Couture Fight Video Results at UFC 118- One of the highlights of the recently held UFC 118 at the TD Garden in Boston Massachusetts is the heavyweight bout between Randy Couture vs. James Toney.

Randy Couture once again proved to all his fans that he is the undisputed heavyweight champion in UFC. A lot of UFC fans and viewers were surprised as Couture beat Toney early in the match at 3:19 on Round 1 through an arm-triangle choke.

During the first 30 seconds of the match, Randy Couture aimed for a single-leg takedown as he put Toney on his back and moved immediately to mount. This was clearly seen in the fight video. Toney held onto Couture as he pounded away. Couture then landed several shots from the top position but Toney held on and tried to use the fence to get up. During this time, Couture stayed on top and landed a couple of punches at Toney’s body to soften him. Below is the picture of Randy Couture vs. James Toney fight as Couture takes down Toney:

After a brief readjustment, Couture then locked up the choke, and held on for the moment. He passed to the side and threw away more punches in Toney’s face as he waited for the tapout of referee Mario Yamasaki. The match ended with Randy Couture as the winner.

Upon his defeat, Toney credited his opponent Couture as he vowed to return in the Octagon telling that he is not a quitter saying: “I didn’t expect him to be so aggressive at first. He just caught me. He got me on the ground, and I couldn’t get out of the triangle choke. But I’ll be back. I ain’t no quitter.”

Meanwhile, on his victory, Couture said that his training on his arm-triangle for over a year now worked saying: “This is exactly what we trained to do. No one really shoots a low single in MMA. I knew with James’ boxing stance a low single would probably be there, and it worked. I’ve worked on that arm-triangle for over a year now, so to finally get it, it was awesome.”

If you want to have a recap of what transpired in the match, you can watch the Randy Couture vs. James Toney fight video here. Just be patient because there is an advertisement before you can view the actual video. Congratulations to Randy Couture! That was a quick match against James Toney!

For the rest of the UFC 118 results including the main card between Frank Edgar vs. BJ Penn, you can go here.

Liverpool vs West Bromwich Premier League 2010 Result and Highlights

Liverpool vs West Bromwich Premier League 2010 Result and Highlights – Liverpool triumph this time over West Bromwich at the Premier League 2010 in Anfield. Fernando Torres gave Liverpool their one and only goal and this had been enough for Liverpool to take home the win.

Despite the win, it seems that Liverpool had been sluggish throughout the game especially on the first half. Thanks to Liverpool’s Roy Hodgson who started the awakening for Liverpool and played seriously in the game.

The Liverpool attack on the second half was led by Roy Hodgson together with Dirk Kuyt and Steven Gerrard. On the 65th minute however, Fernando Torres made the difference. Torres volley from 18-yards after 65 minutes that separated the two sides.

Liverpool’s score could have been increased if not for a clear penalty which was turned down in the 84th minute. The supposed penalty arises when Gonzalo Jara blocked Torres’s goal bound shot with his hand, before West Brom had James Morrison harshly red-carded two minutes later.

Fernando Torres which belongs to the World Cup 2010 champion, Spain took his goal with aplomb after good work from Kuyt on the left allowed him the space to cross to Torres, who was waiting on the edge of the box, to volley low beyond the diving Carson.

Here are the highlights of the Liverpool vs West Bromwich on video:


Frankie Edgar vs BJ Penn UFC 118 Results: Edgar Retains Belt With Unanimous Decision

Only a few people gave UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar a chance to retain his belt against former UFC lightweight champ BJ Penn. Their first meeting in Abu Dhabi at UFC 112 was a close unanimous decision win for Edgar. In their first championship match, Edgar used his quickness to land efficient strikes and at the same time stay away from BJ Penn.

The rematch between Edgar and Penn yielded the same results with Edgar scoring another unanimous decision win. What makes this different from their first match is that Edgar clearly won all rounds against Penn. I would score it a shutout, 5-0 in favor of Edgar.

This rematch victory should cement Frankie Edgar’s status as an elite fighter. Only a few gave him the respect that a champion deserves but his win over Penn should validate the fact that Frankie Edgar is for real. He has improved in each fight. His next title defense will most likely be against Gray Maynard, the only fighter who has defeated him.

Maynard is undefeated but with Edgar’s improvement, their future title match would be totally different.

San Francisco 49ers vs Oakland Raiders Scores: NFL Preseason 2010 Results

San Francisco 49ers vs Oakland Raiders Scores: NFL Preseason 2010 Results – The National Football League (NFL) is in its 3rd week of the Preseason games. One of the games that is being highlighted this week is the match between the San Francisco 49ers vs Oakland Raiders. The current game is in its second inning and the San Francisco 49ers lead 10-7.

The San Francisco 49ers vs Oakland Raiders game is being held live at the Oakland Coliseum. San Francisco 49ers veteran player Aubrayo Franklin had signed up for the team one again in exchange for the team’s $7 million franchise tender he was offered by the team earlier this year.

Fans of Oakland Raiders might be seeing in the play once again running back Darren McFadden. McFadden practiced for the first time in more than two weeks Tuesday and expects to make his preseason debut this weekend against San Francisco.

Besides the San Francisco 49ers vs Oakland Raiders game there are six other games being played for the NFL today. Here are the updates on the score.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 6 – 13
New York Giants vs Baltimore Ravens: 3 – 24
Dallas Cowboys vs Houston Texans: 0 – 20
Seattle Seahawks vs Minnesota Vikings: 13 – 10
Tennessee Titans vs Carolina Panthers: 0 – 3
Arizona Cardinals vs Chicago Bears: 7-0

For updates on scores please check out the live scores HERE.

Moon and Mars August 2010: The Truth Behind Mars as Another Moon on August 27

Moon and Mars August 2010: The Truth Behind Mars as Another Moon on August 27– There has been a lot of controversy about two moons occurring in the sky today, August 27, 2010 of which Mars is considered as the “other moon” aside from the natural moon that we usually see here on Earth.

The rumor started through an email circulated way back in 2003 where Mars indeed make an extraordinary approach to our planet Earth to just approximately 56 millions kilometers which prompted the red planet to appear as another moon in the sky as seen in the photo below:

One of the emails that circulated at that time reads as follows:

“The Red Planet Mars is about to be spectacular as it can be seen in the sky. Earth and Mars will be at its closest in 60,000 years. The next time Mars may come this close may be after several years in the year 2287. The encounter between Earth and Mars will culminate on August 27 when the red planet comes to within 34,649,589 miles of Earth and will be next to the moon the brightest object in the sky at night. It will have a magnitude of -2.9 and will appear 25.11 arc seconds wide. In its 75-power magnification, Mars will look as large as the full moon through the naked eye.

By August 27 where both planets will be closest to each other, Mars will rise at nightfall and will reach its highest point in the sky at 12:30 am. As such, we will be able to see two moons in the sky – one is the actual moon and the other is the red planet Mars. Mark your calendars to see Mars as the second moon in the sky. This is a rare opportunity as no one alive today will ever witness the second event when this happens again.”

Apparently, that was an old email back in August 2003. If ever you received it again today with a date of the occurence changed today, August 27, 2010, delete it since it’s just a hoax. In fact, NASA reported that there is no such two moons that will occur in the sky today, August 27, 2010. This rumor, as stated, started in 2003 and has since reoccurred at the end of August every year since. NASA even stated that at the sunset today, go outside and face west. The bright light you see shining through the twilight is lovely Venus. Grab a pair of binoculars and scan the sky around Venus. A few degrees to the right, you’ll come across a little orange star-like object. That is the red planet Mars.

After that phenomenal event last August 2003, Mars had another close encounter with Earth in the year 2005. However, that event took place in October and not in August. It also did a close approach in December 2007 but not as close as what happened way back in August 27, 2003. According to astronomers, not until 2018 will our view of Mars be similar to the one that was available in 2003 and it won’t be until 2287 will Mars come closer to Earth than it did back in 2003.

Garmin Recall 2010 Affects Nuvi GPS Units

Garmin Recall 2010 Affects Nuvi GPS Units – Garmin Ltd., a company that develops consumer, aviation, and marine technologies for the Global Positioning System or GPS has issued a recall because of potential fire hazard. Accordingly, Garmin’s Nuvi GPS devices have defects on their batteries affecting more than 1.25 million of such devices, of which approximately 796,000 units were sold in the United States.

Garmin has identified that the batteries manufactured by a third-party supplier within a defined date code range and that have a specific printed circuit board (PCB) design may overheat in some circumstances which can potentially cause a fire hazard.

Generally, Garmin’s recalled Nuvi devices which include a small subset of the following model numbers: nüvi 200W, 250W, & 260W and nüvi 7xx, where xx is a two-digit number. Garmin strongly urges its customers to go online and to visit Garmin Nuvi Battery Recall to determine if their Garmin Nuvi device is one of the few Nuvi models affected by this recall. In this particular site, clients just need to enter their Garmin’s Nuvi device serial number to for them to know if it is included in the Garmin recall.

Garmin said that in case your Nuvi device is included in the recall, they will replace the battery and insert a spacer on top of the battery next to the PCB before returning it to affected customers free of charge. It is strictly advised for customers not to service their device’s batteries on their own. In case the website above is not accessible, customers can contact Garmin through one of the phone numbers below:

• In the United States and Canada, call (866) 957-1981
• In North America and South America outside the U.S. or Canada call +913 397-8200
• In Europe, Middle East, and Africa, call +44 870 850 1242
• In Asia, call 886/2.2642.9199
• In Australia, call 1800 113 738; and in New Zealand call 0800 427 652