Half and Half Reactions on Twilight Saga: Eclipse Review

People were not really expecting a lot from this movie whether they are fans or not.  The first two movies in this series didn’t give much “wow” factor except for the dashing and stunning actors.  Girls literally were swooning over Edward Cullen’s first appearance in the movie.  The girls’ attention switched to Jacob Black in the second installment New Moon.

On the third installment, Eclipse was overall a better movie than the previous ones.  Apart from seeing Edward sheepishly smiling a lot on the movie, Jacob’s top bod was more exposed in this film making the girls in the cinema squeal.  Apart from the looks of the actors, the flow of the movie and the acting were improved.  The story line also got touching as the two enemies stand together to capture Victoria and her army.

One thing that got a lot of people disappointed is the kindergarten dialogue saying the dialogues of the characters were like stolen from a little kid’s diary.  Apart from the cheesy lines, the movie had more action scenes and cooler ones.

Have you watched the Eclipse movie yet?  If so, let us know in your own way, what you think of the movie.

Chris Brown’s Michael Jackson Tribute Video

Michael Jackson’s death anniversary just happened recently.  Famous RnB singer Chris Brown’s career was going downhill after his break-up and beat-up story with Rihanna.  The young singer doesn’t give up though and he still continues to bring good music to his fans.

The Chris Brown BET Awards 2010 performance has become a crowd favorite!  The Chris Brown Michael Jackson Tribute is one fantastic performance from the young star that made the crowd rowdy.

Click here to watch full video.  Enjoy!

World Cup 2010 TV Schedule: List of TV and Radio Coverage for FIFA World Cup

World Cup 2010 TV Schedule: List of TV and Radio Coverage for FIFA World Cup – A lot of football fans want to watch the World Cup 2010 football matches currently being held at South Africa especially now that it already nears the Semi Finals round. TV stations are among one of the best available resource to watch it live as it happens since we cannot be in South Africa ourselves to watch it live in the particular stadium as it happens.

Among the largest TV stations who have expressed a live telecast of the World Cup 2010 are ESPN and ABC Sports. They have acquired the rights to broadcast World Cup 2010 to its viewers. You must check in with your local cable operators if these channels are available in your subscription.

Furthermore, several local TV and radio stations in each participating country in the World Cup 2010 have indicated that they are going to have a live telecast too of the World Cup 2010. For a complete list of this stations, you can see HERE.

Lady Gaga Alejandro Music Video Hits the World

Lady Gaga would always be Lady Gaga. Her videos are truly awesome and incredible. However, the concept is somewhat scary but very unique. It’s always out of this world. No wonder she has a lot of followers all over the world.

Her latest music video of her latest song Alejandro has premiered Tuesday and once again left all of its viewers in awe. Topless men, a rubber-clad nun, androgyny, seductive dance moves and a pierced human heart appeared in the video together with weird dance steps as she sings the song. It is directed by Steven Klein said that the video was done to express Lady Gaga’s desire to reveal her heart and bear her soul.

Witness the video and judge it yourself.

Apple iPhone 4 Announced: Price, Features and Release Date

WWDC has already started and the much awaited keynote speech of Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has already revealed its newest iPhone which iPhone 4. A whole new iPhone packed with awesome features. It has become the newest must-have gadget today.

The new iPhone 4 2 cameras, one with 5x digital zoom. It has longer battery life than previous Apple iPhone units and it promises 7 hours of 3G talk time plus it is the thinnest phone in the planet so far with only 9.3mm thick.

It is set to be released on June 24 at different online stores, particularly Apple’s official website. Pre-selling is only available to Japan, US, UK, France and Germany for now. The 16GB model can be bought for $199 and the 32GB model is priced at $299.