The Art of Self-Expression: Erykah Badu Video Uncut

First Lady of Neo-Soul, Erykah Badu strips off her clothes for her music video.  It supposedly is not a big deal these days as being nude could sometimes be a form of an art.  People who mostly are confident of themselves would be comfortable as well to undress, even in public.  The minds of other people though are still taboo and some are not yet open to release a liberated mind.

Anyway, the video of Erykah Badu that created this whole buzz is “Window.”  People are searching for any sneak peek of the behind the scenes.  Good luck on finding the Erykah Badu video uncut if you are in search as well.  Anyway, there are pictures circulating around of a screencap of her being naked in the video.  Although, private parts are blurred.

Katy Perry’s Wedding Gown: Two-Piece Dress Showing Her Toned Torso

“I Kissed A Girl” singer Katy Perry has been engaged to British Russel Brand later this year. She has been known to dress up off-beat and has been proud of her toned tummy. Her wedding gown has been anticipated by all because of her known uniqueness in dressing up. She has been dealing with designers Pnina Tornai and Monique Lhuillier for her two-piece wedding dress.

She wants to show off her toned torso in which she believed to be her best feature. She is aware that her wedding pictures would be posted worldwide that’s why she needs to amaze everyone with it. When you would look at her back, she would like a traditional bride having a long train. However, when she faces front, she wants a Vegas-style sequined number with exposed skin.

The couple is still figuring out their wedding venue. “She’s angling for an over-the-top elopement in Las Vegas. Russell wants to fly everyone someplace exotic, either a Gothic castle or a destination with an Arabian feel”, says one source.

Happy National Doctor’s Day 2010 to All Physicians

Various hospitals and clinics around the US and some Western countries acknowledge their various doctors and physicians by celebrating Doctor’s Day 2010 today, March 30, 2010.

National Doctor’s Day is a way of acknowledging the various contributions and expertise that our beloved doctors imparted to save us from various diseases and cure our illnesses.

It is also a way to raise awareness to those students aspiring to be doctors and physicians exposing them to the reality of rising tuition fees and educational costs among medical schools.

Personally, I would like to greet all doctors and physicians, whatever specialty you have, whether you’re an opthalmologist, medical internist, psycholgist, etc. a happy happy Doctor’s Day. Thanks a lot for your valued contributions to the society.

Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) Stimulus Package Release Time in Different Time Zones

Millions of Playstation and XBOX console game players are now burning their eyebrows staying late at night in the hope for the release of the latest Call of Duty Map Pack from Infinity Ward.

Accordingly, this Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package contains five (5) maps with three of those are new maps while the other two maps are remakes. It will cost US$15 or 1,200 MS Points.

The three new maps included in the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package are Bailout, Salvage, and Storm while the other two maps that are considered remake in the package are Crash and Overgrown. These two remaked maps have been revived since they are the two most favorites maps of Modern Warfare 2 game players. To learn more about these 5 maps from the Stimulus Package in Modern Warfare 2, you can view the post of Naomi Larkin here.

Currently, a lot of MW2 players are waiting for the release time of the Modern Warfare Stimulus Package. According to some reliable sources, the release time in different time zones is expected to be at most 9pm Pacific Time (US and Canada), 5am Greenwich Mean Time (Europe), and 6am Mountain Time.

If you really want to be the first few players to get and buy this in demand Stimulus Map Package from Modern Warfare 2, then I suggest you to keep on refreshing the page of XBOX Live.

2010 McDonald’s All-American Game Roster, Date and Time Schedule is Now Out

As the 2010 NCAA Men’s Division Basketball Tournament is about to come to an end with its National Championship round to be held on April 5, 2010, a new basketball tournament is about to start and this time, it’s for high school basketball players – the McDonald’s All-American Game.

The McDonald’s All-American Game is a basketball competition that caters to both boys’ and girls’ high school basketball graduates. Part of this basketball contest is a show off from these high school basketball stars include slam dunk contests, the three-point competitions, and overall timed skills competitions.

For this year 2010, the McDonald’s All-American Game is set to begin on Wednesday, March 31, 2010 at the Value City Arena in Columbus, Ohio. If you’re asking what time will the All-American Game start on that date, the basketball games start at 8:00 Eastern Time. It will be broadcasted live in TV through ESPN channel.

The Mc Donald’s All-American Game is a basketball game battle in court between the two regions, East and the West. If you are curious who are the players in each region, you can find below the complete 2010 McDonald’s All-American roster of players:


G Keith Appling – Detroit Pershing, MI (Michigan State)
F Harrison Barnes – Ames, IA (North Carolina
F Terrence Jones – Jefferson, OR
G Cory Joseph – Findlay Prep, NV
G Brandon Knight – Pine Crest, FL
G Doron Lamb – Oak Hill Academy, VA
G Ray McCallum – Detroit Country Day, MI
C Fab Melo – Sagemont, FL (Syracuse)
F Jereme Richmond – Waukegan, IL (Illinois)
C Joshua Smith – Kentwood, WA (UCLA)
F Tristan Thomas – Findlay Prep, NV (Texas
F Patric Young – Providence, FL (Florida)


G Reggie Bullock – Kingston, BC (N. Carolina)
F Tobias Harris – Hollow Hills, NY (Tennessee)
G Kyle Irving – St. Patrick, NJ (Duke)
G Joe Jackson – White Station, TN (Memphis)
C Perry Jones III – Duncanville, TX (Baylor)
G Jelan Kendrick – Wheeler, GA (Memphis)
F C.J. Leslie – Word of God, NC
G Kendall Marshall – Bishop O’Connell, VA (North Carolina)
F Jayvaughn Pinkston – Bishop Loughlin, NY Villanova
G Josh Selby – Lake Clifton, MD
C Jared Sullinger – Northland, OH (Ohio State)
F Deshaun Thomas – Bishop Luers, IN (Ohio State)

Latest on Sandra Bullock: Sandra Will Not Adopt Jesse James’ Kids

Everyone has been all eyes to both of them now. I’m referring to Sandra Bullock and husband Jesse James. The couple has been together for 4 years and has been very public to show how affectionate they are when it comes to their kids. They are not Sandra’s kids though, they are James’ kids from his previous marriages. Nevertheless, Sandra’s has become a real mother to them. There has been pictures of evidences that they are indeed spending time with the kids and they are having all-out support.

Their marriage has been on the rocks lately after Jesse James’ infidelity issues came out. Four women has claimed to be Jesse James mistresses. Sandra on the hand has remained low profile to the issue. I has been reported that Sandra has already moved from the house that she is sharing with James. Coming from her representative, Sandra isn’t aiming to become a legal parent to her husband’s three kids. “There are no plans, nor have there ever been any plans, for Sandra Bullock to adopt any of Jesse James’ children,” her rep said.

Happy Passover Greetings: Passover Tells Exodus Story in the Bible

Happy Passover 2010 to all Hebrews. Today, we celebrate the so-called “Passover” which is considered as a holy day by many Jew because it commemorates the event in the Bible where they were freed from the enslavement in Egypt.

Accordingly, the Passover story tells us the story in the bible when God inflicted ten plagues upon the Egyptians as he ‘pass over’ each Jewish homes  and took the firstborn of the Egyptian people and animals. This final plague caused Egyptian Pharaohs to freed the Jews from enslavement.

Various religions around the world extend their warmest Passover greetings to all Hebrews all over the world. One of the prime element of the Passover celebration among Hebrews is the gathering of all Jewish families for a very special diner called “Seder” meal.

In this first Seder meal, the story of the Exodus of Hebrews against Egyptians are retold using a text called Haggadah. In addition, eating the so-called “Chametz” is forbidden during Passover celebration which includes all types of breads.

NCAA 2010 Basketball Tournament: Final Four Head to Head Comparison

Now that NCAA 2010 Basketball Tournament has final arrived to its Semi Finals, it is also about time to get to know our Final Four Teams up close. Aside from their own schoolmates cheering on them, there are other people who has crazy on each of them and we be wondering why. Here are some short yet valuable information on each team, valuable enough to be follwed on their quest to get the championship title.

We’ll start with the team who made it first to the Final Four, the Butler Bulldogs. The team is lead by coach by Brad Stevens and having Blue and White Official color. It would be the team’s first ever Final Four Qualification. They are the Horizon League Champion. They are two wins away from the national title. The Bulldogs extended their winning streak to 24 by beating top-seeded Syracuse on Thursday and then shutting down the No. 2-seed Wildcats on Saturday. These two teams were top seeds of the West Regional.The city of Indianapolis is very proud having their own in the Final Four.The team got great turnover record and balanced scoring wherein players are there for each other no matter what. “I don’t care about being called a Cinderella or a mid-major. We don’t have resources that other teams have, and that’s just a fact. But resources don’t win games. We have a lot of guys with big hearts.” — Butler coach Brad Stevens.

The next team who made it the Final Four is West Virginia Mountaineers. Their official colors are Old Gold and Blue. Led by coach Bob Huggins who has been working for the team ever since. He faced a lot of criticisms against his team but was able to passed all of them as they defeat the # 1 Kentucky in their game for the Final Four. The team got Joe Mazzulla, who displayed great skills in their latest game. He contributed 17 great points for the team and had out shined Kentucky’s John Wall. Truck Bryant, the team’s point guard was previously reported to be injured is now hoping that he could join the team in the Final Four. The team hits the boards hard and plays in-your-face, switching man-to-man defense.

Next up is Michigan St. Spartans. They are no rookie in this stage, in fact last year, they are also in the Final Four and in 2008 they reached Sweet 16. Tom Izzo’s team has reached heights already. He is thrilled with the way his team has responded. “Finally coming together as one, to a season full of adversity, he said. The Spartans believe they belong in the Final Four even without Kalin Lucas who had an Achilles Injury. When it comes to statistics, Spartans has a lot of things to brag off, they have 72.4 points per game against opponents’ 64.1, 16.5 assists per game, 6.6 steals, 3.3 blocks and 13.8 turnovers per game.

Last but not the least, the Duke Blue Devils. They got the national championship way back 2001 and has played beyond Sweet 16 since 2004. Now they are back to the Final Four and there is a great possibility that they get the championship once again. Last year they only reach 16. The team is headed by coach Mike Krzyzewski. The Blue Devils are actually the only Final Four team to play three top eight seeds (No. 8 California, No. 4 Purdue and No. 3 Baylor) in their first four games. So they’re not returning to the Final Four because of a generous whistle or a generous bracket. Jon Scheyer added five 3-pointers and scored 20 for Duke. The Blue Devils became the only No. 1 seed to advance to Indianapolis and earned their 11th Final Four berth under Krzyzewski.

2010 NCAA “March Madness” Final Four is Now Complete

Finally, for all the 2010 NCAA basketball fans out there. The most exciting part of the game is about to happen because as of the latest basketball game matches at the NCAA Men’s Division Basketball Tournament 2010, the so-called Final Four is finally completed.

So which 2010 NCAA basketball teams have reached this far? Last night, we already know that two teams of the Final Four Bracket are already filled up with two of the basketball games held last Saturday, March 27, 2010.

Butler University and West Virginia are two of the early settlers in the 2010 NCAA Final Four basketball team beating their previous basketball game matches against Kansas State and Kentucky, respectively.

However, as two of the remaining basketball games are completed on Sunday, March 28, 2010, two additional basketball teams who are victorious against their previous matches joined the list of the successful 2010 NCAA Final Four and these are Michigan State and Duke University beating their previous basketball matches with Tennessee and Baylor, respectively.

So the 2010 NCAA Final Four is now complete with basketball teams Butler University, Michigan State, West Virginia, and Duke University. They will all battle on Saturday, April 3, 2010 for the Semi Finals round in which two of them will advance to battle on the National Championship on April 5, 2010.

Fun Palm Sunday Coloring Pages for Kids

It’s Palm Sunday and the Lenten week is about to start.  Kids usually don’t have classes on certain days of the Lenten week.  It’s time for Christian parents to remind the kids again of Palm Sunday.  Surely they would ask “What is Palm Sunday?” What better way to explain than to make it all more fun! You can also tell Palm Sunday Story to them for a better understanding.

You can click here to download a fun page of Palm Sunday Coloring Pages for Kids.  They will surely love it.  Also, the web is full of Palm Sunday Crafts and Palm Sunday Activities that you can have your kids do.