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Dancing with the Stars Elimination May 4: Goodbye, Pamela Anderson

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Pamela Anderson, right, and her partner Damian Whitewood perform on "Dancing with the Stars" in Los Angeles on May 3, 2010

Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson has been voted out of US television series Dancing With The Stars competition on Tuesday, leaving just five celebrities in the running for the finale.

The remaining contestants on this seasons Dancing With The Stars were split into two separate teams for the cha cha challenge. First, there was Team Gaga. Team Gaga consisted of Pamela Anderson, Micole Scherzinger and NFL star Chad Ochocinco. Team Gaga was able to bring home the championship, after they performed a choreographed number to the popular Lady Gaga hit, “Telephone.” The song also features Beyonce Knowles.

The second team, Team Madonna, consisted of Evan Lysacek, Niecy Nash and Erin Andrews. They were also able to score well in the challenge, but fell just short of the title with their choreographed number to “Holiday.” In the final minutes of their number, the ladies in the group ripped off their skirts and danced in their underwear. While the display might have been original and caught a lot of attention from the media, it was not enough to bring home the victory in the competition.

The buxom beauty waltzed right out of the competition when judges and voters decided it was time for her to take a final bow. The judges did, however, praise Anderson for her dedication and commitment to the task throughout the season, and gave her performance a 24 out of 30 on Monday night. It wasn’t enough to save her though, when the viewers’ votes combined with the judges’ scores sealed her fate.

Anderson called her participation on the show “one of the best experiences of my life”.

Anderson’s partner Damian Whitewood had this to say to her, “You’ve been an amazing person to work with and so dedicated to learning how to dance.” Anderson reciprocated by thanking Whitewood, and wished the other dancers well. “I love everybody here,” she said.

Anderson, along with eliminated contestants astronaut Buzz Aldrin and TV reality mother of eight Kate Gosselin, has helped the 10th season of “Dancing With the Stars” to its biggest audiences ever.

The remaining five celebrities are Pussycat Dolls singer and favorite Nicole Scherzinger, Olympic ice skater Evan Lysacek, Andrews, actress and “Clean House” host Niecy Nash and footballer Chad Ochocinco.

The finale will be broadcast in mid-May.

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One Response to “Dancing with the Stars Elimination May 4: Goodbye, Pamela Anderson”
  1. vicster says:

    Come on Pam, Did you really think intelligent women were going to vote for you? I could hardly get through listening to your interviews… You sound so stupid! I hope you have more to share with this world, since you are getting oler, than just your looks. Find a good therapist and you will find more interesting and together Pam….

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