Dancing With the Stars 2010 Vote Results: Buzz Aldrin Got Kicked Off

Dancing With the Stars 2010 vote results on Tuesday, April 6, 2010 is expected by some viewers already. Buzz Aldrin, the 80-year old dance performer and his partner Ashly Costa got kicked off in the latest vote results of DWTS Season 10.

Buzz Aldrin has been one of the consistent worst dance performers among the contestants of DWTS since it started its 10th season. Well, with his old age and lack of energy, it shouldn’t be a surprised to all.

Buzz Aldrin and Ashly Costa performed Waltz telling the story of a father coming home from war to be with his daughter. However, the judges were not impressed and he got the lowest score of 13 out of possible 30.

In his farewell speech at DWTS, Buzz Aldrin said: “I don’t build up big expectations and that I can accept what comes my way. I feel very warm about the last couple of weeks, making new friends, reaching out to people that haven’t heard about me before or haven’t thought about me for awhile, so I’m just happy to rekindle those acquaintances. They’re distant but they’re very valuable to me.”

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