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Dancing With The Stars 2010: Time to Vote

July 18, 2014 by · 1 Comment 

The much anticipated dance reality show, Dancing with the Stars has already made its debut episode for this year’s casts. The show showcased stars from various fields. There is retired astronaut who wasn’t able to please everyone, a sportscaster who seemed not prepared for the show (maybe because she is still recovering from her peephole scandal issues), and the girl group lead singer and dancer is the only one who impressed the viewers that much (basically because she already dances even before she joined).

Everyone should be on look-out for this show and based on their dance moves, people would vote for their favorite. The time to vote is already here.

Here is a complete list of the stars in the show.

Nicole Scherzinger (Lead Singer of the Pussycat Dolls), Evan Lysacek (Olympic Champion Figure Skater), Kate Gosselin (Former Reality TV Star), Aiden Turner (All My Children Star), Jake Pavelka (The Bachelor Star), Buzz Aldrin (Retired Astronaut), Pamela Anderson (Former Playboy Playmate & Actress), Shannen Doherty (Actress), Erin Andrews (ESPN Sportscaster), Buzz Aldrin (Retired Astronaut) and Niecy Nash (Actress & Comedian).

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One Response to “Dancing With The Stars 2010: Time to Vote”
  1. Judith says:

    Yes, I agree with the televised description of Kate Gosselin. She is talentless!!! (No better than, in fact WORSE, than OCTOMOM!!!) Clumsy Kate, with her two left feet, is NOT an Athlete or a DANCER. Nor an Actress, a Singer, a Writer, an Orator, or anything at all that would garner her fame (other than the fact, she’s an infamous GREEDY woman and an abusive and neglectful mother of EIGHT.) Even my dog Shelby is more talented than Kate. Shelby looks after her pups and can run and fetch balls.

    NOTE TO KATE….”You gave birth to these kids. Now stop relying on countless Nannies to do YOUR JOB. Spend your time learning how to become a proper and caring HANDS-ON MOTHER. Get rid of the Mansion, the endless trips to the SPAS and your love of luxury. ‘DOWNSIZE in order to UPSIZE’ your children’s welfare and happiness. Your attempt to become anything else but a ‘TABLOID SCANDAL QUEEN’ ain’t working”

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