Dancing with the Stars 2010 Lineup: Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood

Celebrities can now showcase their dancing talents as the Dancing with the Stars 2010 opened and announced its lineup of contestants. Celebrities are paired with professional dancers and champions and will show to the world that they can also dance.

Amongst the famous stars who were included is no other than Pamela Anderson. The famous Baywatch star will also prove that she can also dance. Along with her before the decision has been announced is her pal and designer Richie Rich. Rich said that Anderson doesn’t like wearing clothes so viewers would be expecting skin, skin, and skin from her as she dances all along and it makes the season more interesting.

Her pro partner Damian Whitewood, is also bagging a lot of talent. Taken from the scripts of wikipedia, he started dancing at the age of 10 and has been an Australian Champion, WA State Champion and Australasian Champion in Ballroom and Latin American styles. He has also represented Australia in the Worlds Youth Latin in Germany, the Worlds Youth Ballroom in Russia and was a semi-finalist at the Blackpool International Championships in the UK. Such an amazing achievement! There’s no doubt that he’s a pro.

They will be showcasing an interesting team up and might as well surprise everyone on what they’ve got.

5 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars 2010 Lineup: Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood

  1. Considering the lineup for 2010, I won’t be watching. DWTS was a family show and I don’t want to subject my young ones to tabloid trash which would give them the idea that it is OK to engage in the behavior of these “stars” and they can become famous too. Sorry, guys, I’m not into freak shows.

  2. What has happened to DWTS – all you see are fake breasts, I’m so very tired of it, even the co-host has them, what a joke!!! Pamela Anderson looked and acted like “white trash” on Monday, March 22.
    Can’t DWTS find quality, respectful Hollywood actors to dance?? I use to love DWTS but I think the past year or so this show has gone in the toilet!!!!

  3. This is a stupid episode!! I thought they pair professional dancers with stars that are unexperienced? Last that I knew Nicole is a performer and a dancer!! Pamela?? That is just trash!! Kate, well we all have our opinion on her. This is a stupid episode I will not watch this anymore until they get some class on the show.

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