Dancing with the Stars 2010 Cast: Aiden Turner and Edyta Sliwinska

Dancing with the Stars 2010 has created a lot of query at this moment most especially in the newest lineup. In most cases, only one of the pair is known or worst, both of them are unknown to most of the viewers. A little background check for each of the pair is needed.

One of the 11 pairs this season is Aiden Turner and Edyta Sliwinska. Here is a background check for Aiden Turner. He is an Irish actor who grew up in Dublin. He appeared in the last two seasons of the Irish hospital drama The Clinic (2008/2009). He played the character of Ruairí McGowan, who is The Clinic’s new receptionist and ‘is a man in a rush to go places’. He also appeared in the BBC Two drama series Desperate Romantics playing as Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Has also been nominated in the Best Actor category for his roles in Being Human and Desparate Romantics.

On the other hand, his partner Edyta Sliwinska is not a new face in Dancing with the Stars. She is known for being a professional ballroom dancer and the only professional dancer in all ten seasons of the series. She has joined in the series ever since it began in June 2005. She has partnered the boxing champion Evander Holyfield in the debut episode and won 5th place. Her best season in the series was the 6th wherein she partnered with the NFL star Jason Taylor and won the 2nd place.

Everyone has been anticipating what will Turner and Sliwinska show this season. Stay tuned for updates

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  1. This information is wrong. AIDAN Turner isn’t going to be on Dancing With The Stars. It’s AIDEN Turner, who isn’t Irish and is someone completely different.

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