Dancing with the Stars 2010 Lineup: Jake Pavelka and Chelsie Hightower

Dancing with the Stars 2010 Lineup of stars has interested a lot of viewers worldwide. They were very eager to know each of the contestants and is trying to compare what would each other got against one another. Background check are indeed important.

Our next pair would be Jake Pavelka and Chelsie Hightower. Jake Pavelka is widely known to be the Pilot Bachelor. He is 31 years old, from Dallas, Texas, and flies commercial jets. Before his endeavor as The Bachelor, this handsome man was once contestant in the counterpart reality show The Bachelorette but was rejected just before the hometown dates. He made a heroic act when he returned in the next episode and to protect The Bachelorette from some less-than-genuine suitors. After this act, requests has been pouring out to make him the next Bachelor and indeed he continued his quest to find his love.

His partner on the other hand is a Latin ballroom dancer born in Vegas but was raised in Utah. She has worked with many world-renowned choreographers and performed in musical theatres across the United States. She started joining Dancing with the Stars since season 8 but unfortunately wasn’t able to make it to the finals even on season 9.

Will this season be a good season for them? Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars 2010 Lineup: Jake Pavelka and Chelsie Hightower

  1. Jake gave us all the beliefs that he is this sincere, honest kinda guy looking for true love. SHOCKING that now he is appearing on Dancing with the Stars. Let’s hope with his good looks and charm that he doesn’t faulter on his newly acquired win of Vienna’s heart where he placed the big “rock” on her finger devouting himself to her for 60years together. Let’s see how he handles this new venture with the beautiful, talented and sexy Chelsea as his partner. Hope he can contain himself and still keep his Vienna as his bride to be……

  2. Thought Jake wanted to get married and settle down with Vienna – seems to me he is enjoying the spotlight more than anything – I’m old enough to be his Mom!
    Can’t imagine Vienna enjoying sitting around watching him dance with a beautiful gal – he’ll be too exhausted to play in the mud with her – going to be interesting!

  3. I know Jake has continuously talked about Vienna’s goodness….well all pictures cannot be fake….It makes me disrepect him for picking someone that on all outward appearances seems to be as fake and trashy as Vienna. Maybe Dancing With The Stars will help his image a little.

  4. I cant beleive he is on this show, he is so shaddy, whatch him fall for his partner or maybe even Pamela. Viennna keep ur eyes open

  5. Jake the fake is a phony.Looking for fame and fame only to make big money as his ex-girlfriend says.Why in the world would he do the two shows.Go home with his woman and stay home.what is he trying to prove to the people.Jake the fake is NOT sincere with anyone,only with himself.He is looking for fame and to make big money.Why was he and her V act the awards,what are they trying to prove.What were they doing at the celebritys birthday party after the awards.There was never a bachelor at the awards ever.Even if he is on d.w.t.s.so what,what is he doing at the awards.Who is he “a nobody”who does he think he is,a movie star,I doubt it.He can not even dance,afraid to get hurt,afraid to lose weight,he is a dork.No other guy complains about losing weight or afraid of getting hurt on the show.He is so weird.picking her really showed me what kind of character he really is,so sad for him.I do not like him at all.He is a young boy acting like a man,forget it,a real loser. He will last about 3-4 weeks on the show and goodbye to him.Then what show will he do next to stay in the limelight.I think something might come out of him and chelssie.He just might fall for her,to stay in the light with her.Thats what he is looking for.Not a wife but fame,but he should have shame.He is a real big time loser!!!!!

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