Dancing with the Stars 2010: Is Kate Gosselin really part of the show?

Is Kate Gosselin really part of the Dancing with the Stars 2010 Lineup? Is this a joke? Kate Gosselin haters can’t believe the fact that Kate Gosselin is indeed a contestant in this year’s Dancing with the Stars. Including Kate Gosselin in Dancing with the Stars 2010 is indeed true! She’s really part of the show and her partner is Tony Dovolani, an Albanian American professional ballroom dancer.

So why people hate Kate Gosselin? Honestly I really don’t know why. I only know that Kate Gosselin is known for the reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 which profiles her and her ex-husband Jon Gosselin as they raise their family of sextuplets and twins.

Hmm? I think there’s a more deep reason why Kate Gosselin is hated by many.

If you hate Kate Gosselin and you think she doesn’t deserve to be in the list of contestants in Dancing with the Stars 2010, please share you thoughts below.

Maybe you’re one of the haters and you can help us decipher this gigantic labyrinth about Kate Gosselin

4 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars 2010: Is Kate Gosselin really part of the show?

  1. Even if you don’t like Kate (and I do not), there have been plenty of less-than-admirable characters/criminals/druggies on DWTS. Is she doing this for the money? Obviously. More power to her, the money-grubbing control freak nut. I doubt she really needs the $100K, but it’s a free country and she can dance her fool butt off if she wants to.

  2. I am not really a Kate Gosselin hater. I’ve watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 since it started. I was a big fan until I started to see the change in her. I watched the show mainly because they both seemed like great parents. Their kids always came first. And I related to that. But as the years went by she started changing her look and getting really bossy to John. And most of the time I felt sorry for him. And to me the kids were dressed more for show when they went outside of the house. And I noticed she focussed more things on herself than the kids. And now that everything about them is out I feel bad for all of them. I think John finally reached his boiling point with her. Not that him having an affair was right but I know I couldn’t have lived with her that long if she acted that way all the time. So I can see how people have a disliking to her. Maybe you need to watch the show to understand. I hope the kids are getting through everything and I do look forward to seeing what they do with there life.

  3. I think she will be a great asset to the show.I still love her and think she is a great mom,plus she needs the money.

  4. I think Kate should be home with her kids! When she went on tv crying that her husband took something like 200,000.00 and left her with only $1000.00 “LIQUID” in her account that should tell people that she has more than enough money. Twenty hours to put extentions in her hair, going to parties at “Butter” in Manhattan, co-hosting various talk shows (god only knows why, she is NOT A CELEBRITY SHE HAS NO TALENT), when is she with, supposedly the most important things in her life? She’s a phony and a wanna be and until people stop buying into her nonsense those kids will always be with someone else. What a shame!

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